Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

Don't you sometimes feel like you're in the middle of Alice's wonderland, fighting to find your way to sanity?

I think sometimes we dig our own hole. You know, that deep, dark crevice that grows each time we take on a new project when we haven't finished the half gillion we already have on our plates. Ugh. So - here's to time management. I just have to remember to follow the prescribed regiment. Maybe I'd have better luck following the Cheshire cat.

Okay, I think I'm venting a tad, so - slap, slap. No more whining or venting. I've made my bed and I shall sleep in it and wake from it, eventually. I can't wait until school ends and I have more time to add more things to my plate.

Oh, I do have some great news though. A Noble Sacrifice is now in print! Whoop! And Kaitlin's Silver Lining and Once Jilted have gotten some awesome reviews. Gotta love that. Make the craziness all worthwhile. Check out the reviews by going to my website:

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