Friday, August 31, 2007

Finding Time To Write

This seems to be the phrase on most writers’ lips nowadays…especially once school begins in the fall. When my girls were very young, I wasn’t a writer, but an avid reader. It wasn’t until my youngest was in Kindergarten / First Grade, when I decided to try my hand at writing. Luckily, I only worked part time then so I had the time to write a lot (4-5 books per year). But when my girls got older, it seemed there was less and less time. Then I started working full time when youngest was in Junior High. I was very upset because I worried I wouldn’t find any time to write.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?

Now, both my girls are grown up, and one is moved out of the house. I still work full time. Plus…I’ve added on another task. I’m helping raise my 16-month-old grandson. My daughter is a very young single mother who is still trying to figure out how to be a mother. She has a full time job, working from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm five days a week. Which means, I have to work my full time job, get off at 5:00 pm, pick up grandson from the day care and watch him until 8-8:30 that night until time for bed. It also means I probably won’t have those wonderful weekends I have looked forward to for all these years.

I’m worried now that I won’t find time to write. How can I with a toddler? I’ve raised my kids, I should be able to do whatever I want now. Right?

But this change in my life has made me buckle down and actually WORK. Before, I would get on the Internet and play on my email loops for a while. Then I’d get to one of my books and switch back and forth between writing / editing / Internet. Now I know I have to write. Nothing but write! If I don’t, I’m never going to have time.

So for those who are in the same boat as me, you need to find a time – even if it’s a ½ hour, or 15 minutes, when you can write. Do nothing else but write!

Remember...we’re doing this because we love it. We owe it to ourselves to find time!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

T13 Myths


1. I love the myth about leprechauns, but then I love all things Irish.
2. Faeries and faery rings fascinate me, so much so that I have faeries and elves in one of my unpubbed books as main characters. This is a book I hope to eventually sale to a NY publisher, but later.
3. A fond childhood memory is playing “bloody Mary.” Do you remember that game? Supposedly, if you stared at your image in the mirror in a dark room with no light, you would eventually see the ghost of “bloody Mary.” I could never stare long enough to get results. It would freak me out too bad.
4. Merlin the magician comes to mind when I think of myths. I based a hero after Merlin and had a blast doing research on this particular wizard. Too fun.

1. Hmm…I love the myth of Atlantis. Because whether or not there really was a lost continent, it made for a terrific TV show. LOL
2. I love the myth of Santa Claus, for obvious reasons. But mostly because my children think Christmas is magical, even though they know he doesn’t really exist.
3. And then there is the myth that having more money solves all your money problems. ACK! However, I can’t seem to bring myself to believe those Hollywood stars are living paycheck to paycheck…
4. And my personal fave: the myth of sex after marriage. Ain’t that one a hoot??

1. Selene and Endymion
2. Psyche and Eros/Cupid
3. Hades and Persephone
4. Isis and Osiris

1. Mermaids
2. Unicorns
3. Vampires
4. Werewolves

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day in the life of a teacher

Well, I had high plans for posting something really relevant to writing or publishing, but alas, my other job, the 8 - 5 job, got in the way.

Most readers already know that I also teach. This was the first week back and oh man, my poor puppies (feet) are feeling it. When I teach, I never sit and my floors are just concrete. I did break down and buy arch supports.

Hmm, to make this more relative to writing, I'm going to give everyone a glimpse into my day as a teacher. That might help someone who wants to use a teacher for one of their characters.

I arrive at 7:45 and grab the handout for the day so that I can make enlarged copies for one on my students. That takes about ten minutes as I have to hunt down the large paper for the copier. At least there was no line. At 8:00 AM, I'm choosing slides for the slide projector, putting out materials for the lesson and doing a very quick recording of grades for yesterday's assignment. The bell rings at 8:20 and we say the pledge followed by a moment of silence. I pass out a short assignment for them while I finish recording grades. After passing back the graded work, I begin the lesson. The lesson consists of about 4 different activities, but amazingly, I manage to organize and multi-task until it's all done. And that was only 1st period. Four different preps and by the end of the day, I'm ready to collapse.

Fourth period rolls around and one of my sweethearts decides to get lunch early and bring it to class. Grrrr. So after dealing with him, we begin class. They are already on a long project, so I don't have to present new material. When the bell rings again, it's advocate period which is a thirty minute period whereby students can just study. Then it's lunch time. By 12:30, we're all starving. After a thirty minute lunch, I have a conference period.

I spend my conference period counting money that was collected for fees and turning it into the office, then making xerox copies for the next lesson. I finished a PO for supplies, answered e-mail and drafted a grading paper for another project I worked on this past summer. This period is too short for all that I need to do, but . . . the bell rings and I have two more periods to go.

My classes are big this year. 31 in all my classes except 4th and it only has 20. My daughter shows up between 4th and 5th complaining about the treatment she recieved from her teacher and then the teacher e-mails complaining about my daughter. Ugh. Not fun to be caught in the middle.

Tomorrow I get to monitor tardies which makes me feel like the bad guy, but I know I'm only doing my job. If the child didn't want detention, they should not have been tardy. And of course there is the endless checking for dress code violation and lack of ID.

Well, that's a glimpse. Being that busy makes the day go by fast and by next week I'll be aclimated to my routine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hmm... What on Earth Should I Blog About?? :P

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll know that TODAY is the day the third book in my Legends of Mynos trilogy is released from Samhain Publishing! THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME follows the story of Sir Ethan of Krey, who, you might remember, made a promise to his closest friend to watch out for his friend's sister. He didn't think he'd begin to have tender feelings toward her...

When an evil red ruby known as the Dragon's Flame is unearthed, they must destroy it at all costs. But when Mynos himself cannot withstand the taint of the gem, do they have any hope at all against a dragon hell-bent on destruction?

You should also know I got my author copies of THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE. :D Ever wonder what a "dream come true" looks like?

Holding that book in my hand gave me chills. It may not be the Greatest Book on Planet Earth, but it's special to me, and a turning point for me. NOW I've "made it". Now, I can sit back and truly tell my kids to believe in their dreams. Do you know how powerful that can be for a child? My kids literally look at me with big ol' eyes and mouths wide open when I tell them how long that story spark has been with me.

The first book is dedicated to myself, to give the little girl I once was validation. :P

The second book is dedicated to my children, to prove to them that sometimes dreams do come true.

The third book is dedicated to the fantasy authors I used to read as a child, because without them, I would have never *dared* to dream. :)

So give The Legends of Mynos a try. If you love fantasy and you love romance, chances are, you'll love my series. I hope. LOL


Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Manic Monday

Hey everyone!

Today is normally Becka's day to post but she's got a sick DH so I'm going to pop in for her. So lets get down to brass tacks shall we?

First off, Becka received her newest cover over the weekend. This is the cover for her next installment of the B*E*A*S*T series. Check it out!

Now what shall we discuss today? Becka said something about doing a recipe so how about we discuss our favorite recipes and then maybe we can collect the actual recipes and send a copy to everyone who is interested?

I'll begin and let me tell you this isn't an easy one for me. I love to eat, I love to cook/bake and I love to eat what I cook/bake LOL

I think I'd have to say my favorite thing is a cake I make called a chocolate covered cherry cake. Moist, rich, cherry topped and filled. This is so rich if you could deposit it you'd never have to work again :)

So what is your favorite recipe?


Friday, August 24, 2007

Her Knight Of Seduction

(don't you just love this pic of me? Very close to the real thing, I think... ROFL!)

Reprints... What do you think about reprints? After a story has been published and available for readers, do you think the author should send it to another publisher after she's gotten her rights back? I published my Victorian-set, MY KNIGHT, MY ROGUE two years ago, but at the first of the year, my contract ran out. The publisher I had my story with at the time did not put my story in paperback and available at the bookstores. Now, all of my publishers provide this for me, and it saddens me that my first stories were never put to print.

I've revamped my original version and titled it HER KNIGHT OF SEDUCTION. The Wild Rose Press is republishing it for me, which is thrilling! Yesterday I got my cover and release date. My story will be released Sept. 21st!! I haven't been able to get my new cover on my website yet (still working with web designer...) but you can go to my Bebo page and check it out.

Lady Megan Saxton will do anything—naughty if necessary—not to marry the drunken lord her grandmother selected. But when she thinks she’s trapped herself a duke, will a mistake in identity have her falling in love with the man who put her family in financial ruins?

Clever Scoundrel, Edmund Knight will stop at nothing to take back the deed to his goldmine that has been stolen from him. When his enemy’s daughter mistakes him for someone else, his plans change. Now he’s after her virginity.


Edmund settled in his chair and picked up the deck of cards. Everything was falling perfectly into place. Surprisingly, she hadn’t noticed his cheating, but that, too, was part of his seduction. Now as the game was almost finished, it was his turn to win. Once she forfeited, he’d have her soft body against his as he lavished her mouth with kisses.

She wouldn’t fight. The way she’d ogled his body let him know she thought about touching it, almost as much as he wanted to touch hers. She was a well-trained seductress. Well skilled at playing the innocent.

He shuffled and dealt out the correct amount of cards, making certain she couldn’t win. Megan looked at her cards. By her sorrowful expression, the realization of having a bad hand was starting to settle in.

The firelight behind her tinted the red in her auburn hair, which contrasted her pale face. Yes, she definitely didn’t have the impassive countenance required for gambling. She wasn’t gifted at deceit, at least at cards. So different from her father. But in time, Saxton’s bad seed would rub off on his daughter.

For a moment, a pang of guilt pierced his chest. Perhaps he should have given her a full house. But when he imagined her soft hands upon his bare chest, he dismissed the idea.

She lifted her gaze and smiled through her saddened expression. “I would like three cards, please.” She slid the three she wanted to exchange across the table.

He nodded and gave her three. “And I’ll take one.” He lay his cards face up on the table. “I have four Jacks. What do you have?”

She sighed with a frown, her shoulders wilting as she placed her cards on the table. “I have two eights and two sixes and a King.”

He chuckled. “I’m relieved to see you’re off your winning streak.” He widened his grin. “What will you forfeit?”

She tapped her fingernail on the table for a moment, before her face brightened and she reached to her lap, pulling up his shirt.

“I’ll give you back your shirt.”

He didn’t know whether to get upset or laugh. The little minx had tricked him, but she was correct in assuming she could return his clothes.

He took the shirt and smiled. “Thank you.”

He realized how clever she was. Now he knew her game. She intended to return his clothes, forcing him to redress, but that wasn’t his plan. Would he ever get the kiss he so desperately sought? Strong desire mingled with his need for revenge.

“Are you going to put it on?” She gave him an expectant look.

He nodded, slipping his arms through the sleeves, but he didn’t button it.
Dealing the next hand, he put the higher cards in his favor. The game was called, and she had a small straight. He held four Queens.

Just as before, she handed over his waist-coat and he slipped it on. The next game, she handed over his cravat, and he hung it around his neck. Now he had her. This time when she lost, she’d have to give him a kiss. He dealt the cards again, purposely giving her the lower hand. She held two Jacks, a ten and two fives. He had a full house.

He grinned. “It appears you have no more clothes to return to me.”

She nodded without answering.

“So I assume a kiss is in order. Unless...”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you would like to take off your robe?”

Her face flamed a brilliant red. He held back the laughter readying to erupt from his throat.

“No. I will forfeit a kiss.”

Her tongue glided out to moisten her lips, causing his immediate arousal. She looked so provocative. Did she know what lustful thoughts flew through his head—fantasies he wanted to act upon? Of course she did. She couldn’t possibly be the innocent girl she portrayed.

He stood and moved to her side. Her gaze had dropped to her lap as her fingers twisted together.

“My lady?” He reached down to take a cold hand in his, the soft whiteness contrasting against his dark tan. He pulled her to her feet, her reluctance showed through her stiff limbs. He would change that soon. She was good at this game, but he was better.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Welcome to the new and improved Magic Mavens blog.
I have a question for you all. Do have movies you enjoy watching. You knw the ones I mean? The movies that you can watch over and over and over again and each time they can still make you laugh, or cry or scare the bloody bajeebers out of you. This is the Mavens’ first T13 and its movies that we can watch over and over and over again.
As the saying goes, the show must go on and so we’re gone like the wind

Donica’s top list:
1. Last Holiday
2. Harvey
3. Banger Sisters
4. Robin Hood (Errol Flynn/Olivia de Havelin)
5. Bringing Up Baby
Ciara’s top four:
6. A Knight’s Tale
7.Scorpion King (The Rock is to die for in this movie, jmo)
8. Captain Ron
9. Dirty Dancing
Becka’s top Four
10. EVER AFTER I really like Drew Barrymore, and even though this movie is cheesy, I still love it.
11. DRAGON HEART I based Mynos off of Draco years ago. This movie definitely shaped my fantasy books.
12. LABYRINTH~How can you go wrong with David Bowie’s codpiece?? LOL
13. THE WEDDING SINGER~ Again, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. I love Adam Sandler, and this movie in particular makes me giggle when I remember the 80’s. EXCELLENT soundtrack, too. J

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Wacky Wednesday Post - Hump day

Thanks to Becka, the mavens have some really cool graphics to go along with our new look. Whoo hoo! Check me out. I finally have blonde hair. Ha ha. Okay, but seriously, today is officially "hump day." So, what does hump day really mean? Getting over the hump, making it half way through the 8 - 5 day. Appropriate since I started back to work today.

From the Urban dictionary; The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week. After hump day, the weekend gets closer. Well, it doesn't feel closer, but . . . it will once I get acclaimated to relax mode.

According to Wikipedia, Wednesday comes from the Old English word, Wēdnes dæg, meaning the day of the Germanic God, Wodan or Woden. Until about the 7th century, he was the Anglo Saxon God who in folklore was the leader of the Wild Hunt. A way to explain thunderstorms, the wild hunt was a mad pursuit across the skies. Woden also led dead souls to the underworld.

According to the Thai solar calenday, the color associated with Wednesday is green. Hmm, I like green. And it makes sense. Green has a midrange intensity about it. And Wednesday is the middle of the week.

So - just for grins, heres a fun photo I found to get us over that hump. Enjoy.

So, what do you do to get over the hump? To make it through the week? Me? I come home after work, take off my shoes, turn on the computer and write for an hour. Then I have to go to work for the family. Ah yes, the first job (the 8 - 5 being the second job) and cook, help with homework and run errands. At 9ish, I get to sit down and write again. Writing relaxes me. It takes me far away to all sorts of fantasies. (Thursdays are reserved for dancing but the rest of the week looks pretty much like what I described here.) Now, it's your turn. What do you do to get over the hump and deal with everday, work-related stress?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is a very special day for me. I believe it to be a turning point in my career. One of my books has been released today in print, one of my favorites, one close to my heart; THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE.

This is the first in my Legends of Mynos series, the book that's been with me forever, the one I struggled with in the early years of my marriage. It was with THIS very book I used to dream of being published nearly 20 years ago.

It all began after my parents' divorce. I was a sad, lonely child, who frequently played with my dogs. And one day, I told them a story about a magical talisman and the elves who protect it. That day in the mid 80's, the Crystal of Mynos was born.

Knowing I had a cool idea for a story, I jotted down notes and wrote three stories long-hand. I shared them with my classmates who would threaten me with pain of death should I decide to come to school the next day without the next chapter. I loved fantasy. I cut my teeth on C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, and David Eddings. But they didn't have enough romance to satisfy. I decided to rectify that.

My love for romance probably stems from my parents' divorce, as I was desperate to read stories of happy endings and couples who stayed together--despite the odds. So perhaps I should thank my parents for weaning a romance author. But back in the day, I would literally sit on my bed, a starry-eyed 13 year old, dreaming of being published and seeing Mynos's Crystal in bookstores nationwide.

Of course, that was a pipe dream, right?

Over the years, those stories were tucked away and I only dusted them off every now and again to remember those fond dreams of "some day". It wasn't until I married my hubby who was very into Dungeons and Dragons (a fantasy role-playing game) that my love of fantasy was rekindled. Couple that with a movie that came out in 1996 entitled "Dragonheart", one of the only movies I've seen with an intelligent dragon, I decided I *had* to write my fantasy opus.

And so, on the ratty old couch of our studio apartment in the backyard of our landlords' house, THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE began. But I didn't start it with any kind of direction. I began with a simple idea. What would happen if a mysterious man gave a young farmgirl a blank scroll in the middle of a crowded marketplace? The Legends of Mynos snowballed from there.

When this series was contracted with Samhain, I danced in the streets (figuratively, not literally, folks. lol) Now that it's going to print nationwide, I am finally seeing a dream that's been with me for most of my life come to fruition. My humble thanks to Samhain Publishing, as well as to the readers, who've made this series a success, and thanks to that little girl, alone in her room, staring out her window, dreaming big dreams. :)



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mavens Monday ~ Our New Look!

Good morning, everyone! As you can see, our Mavens' blog has had quite the transformation this weekend. We want to make this blog better than ever with a new feature, called "Mavens Monday". Each Monday, we will chit-chat about different subjects, all kinds of things under the sun. This week's topic is our new look and what to expect from the Mavens in the future.

YOU are invited to join in the conversation, no matter the topic! So come on in and join the fun on Mavens Mondays! :D Not to mention every other day of the week, each of us will be blogging about a topic of our own choosing. In fact my day (Becka's) is Tuesday, tomorrow, so be on the look out for my next blog! :D

It took me forever to find a suitable blogger template. I tried looking for something magical, mystical, flowery, colorful, white, garden-y... But they all just didn't "do it" for me. They were too pink, or looked like a 14 y/o's blog or waaay too many swirlies, or too magical. I didn't want people to think we were all a bunch of fantasy writers, as not all of us write fantasy.

However, I *do* know that all of us ADORE the color purple. And when I found this template, I HAD to have it. The moon background is mysterious and mystical in and of itself; the template is feminine without being overpoweringly womanly, and it's very classy. Not to mention it looks awesome with a splash of color. Scroll down a bit to see my Cobblestone Press cover and you'll see what I mean. :D

I think this template will work out WONDERFULLY, and I'm sure my Maven sisters will agree with me. Don't you think so, ladies?

Sexy, Sensual, Seductive

Friday, August 17, 2007

Beach Party!

Hey all. Come join us for a beach party with other Champagne authors. We'll be chatting about this and that, posting excerpts and our publisher is even offering special discounts during certain times, but you gotta tune in to see when and where.

You can find us at the Coffeetime Loop until tomorrow at 5:00 PM. Bring your beach towel and sunscreen and prepare to have a blast!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I've got a new cover!

Sorry Becka. I don't mean to rain on your parade. Your news is awesome indeed but I've gotten the okay to share my cover and I intend to show it off with pride! Isn't it AMAZING?!?!??!!?

They shattered his world by kidnapping his fiancée—now, paybacks are a bitch.

Justice Bernard, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency, has devoted years to stopping—or at least slowing down—the flow of drugs entering and leaving St. Louis. He’s seen a lot of messed up things in his line of work, but he never thought the woman he loved would become a target.
Since accepting Justice’s marriage proposal, Callye Ann Simone’s spent most of her time in a state of bliss. But when she’s kidnapped and left alone, tied up and in the dark, her dreams for the future turn into one long nightmare that never seems to end.
When Justice realizes Callye’s been kidnapped by the very men he’s shaken down for drug trafficking, his heart shatters. He vows to save her no matter what the cost, and now he’s on the hunt for his beloved, and hell-bent on revenge…
This book comes out October 9 published by Samhain Publishing.
I'm so stoked! The edits made it seem sortof real for me. Seeing the information up on the coming soon page helped it feel even more real and now that I've got this amazing cover i can't WAIT to see this one released!
Gotta run!

I've Been Accepted at Cobblestone Press!

Woohoo! I submitted a novella idea to Cobblestone Press for their Vampire Oracle continuity series. I wanted the TOMB theme. Well, they recently contacted me and now I'm one of their newest authors! :D Yay!

I'm very excited to write this story, as this will be my first vampire hero. I've written a vamp before in HEARTS ETERNAL, but he was the villain, so this will be quite the change for me, I'm thinking. And I've had my eye on Cobblestone for quite awhile now, because I love their website and their book covers, not to mention the quality of their books is outstanding. I even talked to a few authors over there to get a feel for the company.

Oh yes, I did my homework before submitting to them, have no doubt. LOL I don't have a release date, but I do know the books will be released sometime next year AND will be going to PRINT! :D All *25* of them.

Anyhow, check out my new cover, isn't it awesome?? Here is the blurb as well. Enjoy!

Douglas McCarthy is a vampire haunted by the screams of his victims. After killing a woman accidentally, he vows he will never kill again, and entombs himself within the walls of his own cellar.

Diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, Holly Cartwright knows she only has months to live. Buying the Whispering Pines Plantation with her life savings was,perhaps, the best thing she ever did. But Holly doesn't care that the manor appears to be haunted, as she'll soon be joining the "ghosts" herself.

But what she discovers behind the walls is more than she ever dreamed possible...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recipe Madness

I've caught it! I'm doing an entire menu of crock-pot recipes. Why? Because it's too dang hot to really cook. So I've posted an appetizer recipe here. Over on the Belfry Collective blog I posted a death by chocolate cake dessert. Yes it really is a crock-pot recipe. And on Donica's Daily I have a main course recipe. So make sure you hit each site!

Chicken Wings in Honey Sauce

3 lbs Chicken wings
Salt and pepper to taste
2 cups honey
1-cup soy sauce
½ cup ketchup
¼ cup oil
2 cloves garlic (optional)
Sesame Seeds (optional)

Rinse chicken and pat dry. Cut off and discard wing tips. Cut each wing at joints to make 2 pieces. Sprinkle wing parts with salt and pepper. Place wings on broiler pan. Broil 4-5 inches from heat for 20 minutes, 10 minutes each side until brown.
Transfer to crock-pot.

For sauce combine honey, soy sauce, oil, ketchup and garlic in bowl. Pour over wings, cover and cook on low 4-5 hours or high for 2-2 ½ hours. Garnish with sesame seeds if desired.

Let me know how you enjoyed these recipes. I'm very interested in hearing from you so leave me a message at any of the blogs and let me know.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another awesome review for PRETEND I'M YOURS

Pretend I’m Yours by Phyllis Campbell is a wonderful historical intrigue which winds its way through a complex set of circumstances and emotions. The tale evades an easy label, but certainly includes a compelling romance. Deception is also a large part of this wonderful saga. All things are not as they seem in this tale, as the reader suspects at once.

An unexpected and clever twist sets wheels in motion the main character - as well as the reader - could never have foreseen. Lady Mercedes Maxwell, a widow, steps into her twin sister's life, determined to help her by whatever means necessary. If that means an arduous journey to the colonies while pretending to be Katherine and committing acts of theft, so be it. Lady Maxwell's suspicions are aroused almost from the start, but soon, those very suspicions turn on her, as she doubts, again and again, what truth to believe. As her doubts grow, so does her frustration- and she is not the only one!

Her motivation, all too clear at the start, undergoes a change. It is a change easy to believe, once she comes to know the dashing Mr. William Braxton, Katherine's husband. However, she has her own goals to pursue, regardless of this dreadfully handsome but plainly not-what-he seems man.

Still, questions about trust and truth weave a clever web that the reader feels she can almost see through. Loyalty is called into question, and with it, all too soon, patriotism. Further complications soon arise, offering us a fresh perspective on the personal impact of the revolution.

The settings in this tale are delightful. Descriptions in no way intrude, but provide just enough background for the story to have a genuine, authentic feel. The horses and carriages, the minor details of passage by boat, even the look inside the hospital for the insane all are thorough and credible. From household extravagances like the polished cherry-wood doors, hand-painted silk screens and the plush velvet of gowns, precise descriptions offer a wonderful vision of the time and place.

The exact truth of the situation is revealed only slowly. There are many reminders of this other time, almost another world - where women were always subservient to the men of the family, and yet, were not powerless.

This is a delightful historical novel and romance. Pretend I’m Yours by Phyllis Campbell is sure to please a wide range of readers, its complexity, characters, and daring make for a stunning read.