Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is a very special day for me. I believe it to be a turning point in my career. One of my books has been released today in print, one of my favorites, one close to my heart; THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE.

This is the first in my Legends of Mynos series, the book that's been with me forever, the one I struggled with in the early years of my marriage. It was with THIS very book I used to dream of being published nearly 20 years ago.

It all began after my parents' divorce. I was a sad, lonely child, who frequently played with my dogs. And one day, I told them a story about a magical talisman and the elves who protect it. That day in the mid 80's, the Crystal of Mynos was born.

Knowing I had a cool idea for a story, I jotted down notes and wrote three stories long-hand. I shared them with my classmates who would threaten me with pain of death should I decide to come to school the next day without the next chapter. I loved fantasy. I cut my teeth on C.S. Lewis, Terry Brooks, and David Eddings. But they didn't have enough romance to satisfy. I decided to rectify that.

My love for romance probably stems from my parents' divorce, as I was desperate to read stories of happy endings and couples who stayed together--despite the odds. So perhaps I should thank my parents for weaning a romance author. But back in the day, I would literally sit on my bed, a starry-eyed 13 year old, dreaming of being published and seeing Mynos's Crystal in bookstores nationwide.

Of course, that was a pipe dream, right?

Over the years, those stories were tucked away and I only dusted them off every now and again to remember those fond dreams of "some day". It wasn't until I married my hubby who was very into Dungeons and Dragons (a fantasy role-playing game) that my love of fantasy was rekindled. Couple that with a movie that came out in 1996 entitled "Dragonheart", one of the only movies I've seen with an intelligent dragon, I decided I *had* to write my fantasy opus.

And so, on the ratty old couch of our studio apartment in the backyard of our landlords' house, THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE began. But I didn't start it with any kind of direction. I began with a simple idea. What would happen if a mysterious man gave a young farmgirl a blank scroll in the middle of a crowded marketplace? The Legends of Mynos snowballed from there.

When this series was contracted with Samhain, I danced in the streets (figuratively, not literally, folks. lol) Now that it's going to print nationwide, I am finally seeing a dream that's been with me for most of my life come to fruition. My humble thanks to Samhain Publishing, as well as to the readers, who've made this series a success, and thanks to that little girl, alone in her room, staring out her window, dreaming big dreams. :)




Cindy K. Green said...

I can just imagine how you feel, Becka. What an accomplishment. And it is a lovely story. I'll be getting my print copy too. :D I hope to see my "baby" come to print one day. Fingers crossed!

Carolan Ivey said...

[Getting up and doing a happy-dance jig for Becka]

Becka said...

THANK YOU ladies! I really wish I lived closer to my author friends. I would LOVE to go party with you ladies in real life. :)

And yes, I'm still in awe over here. I NEVER thought this story would go so far. Especially when it was rejected by New York three times. Too much fantasy or too much romance for their tastes. Thank GAWD for Samhain, eh?? :D

I'm still on the bookshelves, beeyotches!



Donica Covey said...

YAY BECKA!!! I'm so excited for you! Cingrats and lets lift a glass in toast in a bit, okay?

Love ya hun!

Ciara Gold said...

Best of Luck with sales. I think you have a great series going here!