Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hmm... What on Earth Should I Blog About?? :P

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll know that TODAY is the day the third book in my Legends of Mynos trilogy is released from Samhain Publishing! THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME follows the story of Sir Ethan of Krey, who, you might remember, made a promise to his closest friend to watch out for his friend's sister. He didn't think he'd begin to have tender feelings toward her...

When an evil red ruby known as the Dragon's Flame is unearthed, they must destroy it at all costs. But when Mynos himself cannot withstand the taint of the gem, do they have any hope at all against a dragon hell-bent on destruction?

You should also know I got my author copies of THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE. :D Ever wonder what a "dream come true" looks like?

Holding that book in my hand gave me chills. It may not be the Greatest Book on Planet Earth, but it's special to me, and a turning point for me. NOW I've "made it". Now, I can sit back and truly tell my kids to believe in their dreams. Do you know how powerful that can be for a child? My kids literally look at me with big ol' eyes and mouths wide open when I tell them how long that story spark has been with me.

The first book is dedicated to myself, to give the little girl I once was validation. :P

The second book is dedicated to my children, to prove to them that sometimes dreams do come true.

The third book is dedicated to the fantasy authors I used to read as a child, because without them, I would have never *dared* to dream. :)

So give The Legends of Mynos a try. If you love fantasy and you love romance, chances are, you'll love my series. I hope. LOL



Ellen said...

Congratulations Becka. Dreams can and DO come true!


Donica Covey said...

WAHOO Beck! Sorry it took so long for me to comment. Been working on a "killer" of a book ;)

Huggles Babe!