Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why writers should enter contests

I think everything we do in life is often cyclical. I get very enthusiastic about something and fixate on it until I tire of the activity. I then set it aside for a while, but I often find myself revisiting the interest.

That's where I am on contests. I'm not talking about contests you enter to win free reads, etc, I'm talking about contests that involve your written work. For a while, I was entering RWA chapter sponsored contests in hopes that an agent or editor might really like my work. Most writers enter these types of contests for either feedback or with the hopes of winning an agent's notice or both. I'm in good company there. When I won, it gave me encouragement to finish the ms, but alas, no offers of representation, no contract offers. But - for the encouragement alone, the contests were well worth the money spent. The last contest of this type that I entered was three years ago. Wow, three years.

So - I began thinking it was time to enter again. Wow, the result being an EPPIE win. Talk about encouragement. Now, I'm all psyched up to enter chapter contests again. Why? For lots of reasons. First, I'd like feedback on my writing, not my name. Make sense? I now have 7 published works, so I'd like to think there are a few out there that now buy my work because they recognize my name and enjoy the type of stories I write. Second, I would dearly love to take my career to the next phase. I want agents and editors to notice me. Yes, I plan to start querying also, but contests are a great way to push to the top of the pile, so to speak. Third, contests make me work harder to finish the wip in hopes it will be ready if and when an agent/editor requests the full.

Yeah, I know. A girl can hope can't she?

So, do you enter contests? And if so, I'd love to hear your reasons why.

Breaking News

I have some news to share and it is announced with mixed emotions. Due to professional differences I have chosen to sever business affiliations with the publisher and end contracts for the following titles: Dante's Duty, Seeing the Light, Do Overs and Dear Micah. As of April 1 these titles will no longer be available.

If you planned on purchasing the above titles I urge you to do so now as the time is slipping away quickly. As the saying goes, once they're gone, they're gone.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Donica's Slogan contest

For all who entered the slogan contest, I haven't been able to select a winner yet. My husband was taken to hospital Monday night and is currently hospitalized. I will select a winner as soon as I can and I beg your patience a little longer.

Thank you!


Monday, March 17, 2008

On your toes:

I’d like to interrupt with a personal plea. I want each of you to look at your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, cousins, nieces, granddaughters and friends. Just take one moment and really look/think of them.

You’d do anything for them, wouldn’t you? Shove them off the tracks from the path of an on coming train, or car. You’d buckle the girls into a seatbelt for a drive as short as down to your local market. You’d tell your best friend she looks absolutely horrid in that shade of green. Right?

But have you looked at these same women and said, “Have you done a breast exam?” No? Yeah, me neither. Why? I don’t know. It seems kind of weird to tell your best friend to check out her own boobs. It’s even more bizarre to tell your mom. And your teenage daughter? Please! We’d rather eat glass than admit our little girls are even grown enough to have boobs!

Besides, why talk to your teenager about breast exams. After all breast cancer is a disease of older women right?

Sorry to say that’s not the case. Very sorry actually. I have a friend who is only 21. At 20 she was diagnosed with extremely aggressive breast cancer. Just shy of her 21st she was having a double mastectomy. Happy 21—you’ll be seeing 22 minus very large pieces of yourself. Now the cancer has spread into her spine.

But she isn’t what prompted this post. My daughter did. If you have gone by my personal blog you have read this, but I’ll repeat it here.

My daughter has a teenage friend (17) who has cancer. This is all I knew about the girl. She had cancer and she was really sick. My daughter is very private and she keeps everything bottled up. She never really let on exactly how sick this girl was.

DD went to school on Friday and as is our weekly schedule, she was picked up by my SIL so they could go to work together. I didn’t see DD until Saturday afternoon. She was sullen, moody, and a complete teenage monster.

I became agitated—as only a mother of a teen can get—and I blew a gasket. I demanded a reason for her behavior. I really didn’t want the one I got.

Her friend was robbed of life by a disease that has no known cure. This girl will never grow up, hold a diploma, carry a bouquet at a friend’s wedding, never know the joy and misery of dating, of marriage, of motherhood.

So I’m asking you to do a very hard thing. Look at a woman you love, admire and/or respect and try to picture that void left in your life when they aren’t there. Then I want you to swallow your ill ease and talk to that woman about a breast exam. Then look in the mirror and remind that woman to do her own exam.

Educate yourself and all those you love. Be a BRA.

For information on breast cancer please visit the Susan G Komen foundation website, The National Cancer Institute, or American Cancer Society.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Contest Announcement

Hey all! I just wanted to pop in and announce a contest I'm running.

What's the game?
I'm looking for a slogan. i.e. Nike has Just Do It (which I love but unfortunately can't use) McDonalds "I'm Lovin' It" (again wish I could) So I want you to write a slogan for me.

What do ya get?
A colorful journal, matching pencil, and matching pocket notepads.

It can't be genre specific as I write suspense, paranormal, romantic comedy and inspirationals (as Donica Covey) I also write erotica and horror (as Jinger Jackson)

How do you play?
Send me your slogan to donica_covey@sbcglobal.net before Wednesday, March 19th. The winner will be announced Friday. So don't delay, enter today! In your subject header please note Slogan contest. Thanks!

Who can play?
Anyone who reads this post!

Only one-It must be your original idea, can't have any legal issues brought up! :D

*side note: All entries become property of Donica Covey*

So what are you waiting for? Send in your entry today!

Happy weekend!

Enchanted - a perfect HEA

The other day I watched for the first time, the Disney movie, ENCHANTED. I'm a fan of Patrick Demsey, which helps while watching this movie, but I was very impressed with the way Disney presented this story. Of course, I have to have my "Happily Ever After" no matter what, and when a movie makes me sigh three times, I know it's a good one!! I wanted the love story to be longer, but that's just me. LOL It really was a perfect, feel-good all over movie. Makes you want to sing, dance, laugh...and yes, SIGH dreamily!!!

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I recommended it!!! What's stoping you?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

T13 Springs up!

13 plants we plan to nurture in our gardens

Spring, fresh and new growth. Planting season is coming soon! What we like to grow:

1. My lime tree produced three limes last year, so I’m hoping to baby it along so it will produce more.
2. Camellias. Half are doing very well and produce the most stunning blooms, while the other two need to be loved by a greener thumb than mine.
3. Snapdragons are something I plant every year and I love all the colors they produce.
4. If I could grow gardenias, I would. I still try, but alas, they don’t do well for me and I absolutely adore gardenias. I love the way they smell.

Phyllis’s Answers
5. Did I tell you I’m not a green-thumb person? I kill plants no matter what I do. With this said, IF I have a plant in the house, it’s plastic.
6. I do like Lilac bushes out along our fence. Purple. They can’t be the white!
7. I also like Rose bushes, and have several planted along our front lawn.

Donica’s Answers
8. Roses. I’m planning to recreate the rose garden I had when we lived in Wisconsin. DH bought me a different rose bush every season that we lived in our house. I cried when we had to move and leave them behind. He’s promised me a new garden.
9. I want to try and grow melons. I’ve never been successful at that.
10. Berry bushes. Raspberries, black berries, I had those up in Wisconsin as well. It took forever for them to establish and begin producing.
I love being back home in Missouri. Back with my family and friends, but I really wish I could’ve brought my plants back with me

11. I want to start a garden, but it would take too much time/effort, since we have a big dumb dog who would just rip it up and do his business. I can’t plant it in the front yard, as there isn’t sufficient light.
12. If I did plant a garden, however, I’d love to grow things I eat, such as herbs like Basil & Oregano.
13. I’d also love to plant veggies like green onions, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, & garlic.
14. We have the supports outside our kitchen window for a small herb garden, but no box, as the previous owners took it when they left. Perhaps I’ll look into doing that. Of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to plant the veggies. Ah well, I’ll hork some from my friend’s garden. LOL

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eppie Winner

I had so many things going on this past weekend that I totally forgot that March 8 was the official awards ceremony for the Eppies, so of course, I putz around the house on Monday oblivious to all the mail that's in my inbox. When I finally open my outlook express, one set of words caught my attention above all else; You Won the Eppie!!! I blinked and started looking at the other subject listings and another caught my eye; Standing Ovasion. I started to laugh, I started to cry and then I started to scream!!! OMG. Me?

I was floored to say the least. A Noble Sacrifice was a great book. I loved it from start to finish, but to have others think so as well? Now that is the greatest honor a writer can receive. So while I humbly take a bow, I would also ask that all of you take one also. Readers are the most important people to writers. Without you to laugh and cry with us, our world would be pretty lonely.

So, thank you crit partners, thank you Champagne, thank you EPIC, thank you judges, but most of all, thank you readers. Whoop!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Welcome to Monday…

There was some excitement over the weekend. The Eppie award winners were announced and I’m THRILLED to announce that our very own CIARA GOLD won an EPPIE for her fantasy romance A NOBLE SACRIFICE. YAY CIARA!!!!!! WOOHOO AND WTG!!!

Can a stranger from a distant planet breach Yalfar’s strict laws to save a nation from doom and rescue one lone woman from the errors of her way?

Fen Tared Charst has betrayed his brother, and his people. To right the wrongs he’s done, he suffers the horrors of the zeel pits only to find himself a captive of the Temi tribe. In Yalfar, he discovers that leading the Temi princess and her warriors from their dying world is the key to his own redemption. But losing his heart to Princess Joyella will be the key to saving his soul.

Princess Joyella Denue has broken a sacred law and for that, she is exiled from Yalfar. To regain her honor, she agrees to lead a convoy topside to escape the collapsing city, but she can’t make the journey alone. She needs someone who has traversed the path to guide her. Tared is forced to help her, but he soon becomes more than just a guide, he becomes her heart.

Sounds GREAT right? If you haven’t checked her out I recommend doing so right now.

Congrats C! We’re VERY proud of you.

I guess I’m off—no comments from the peanut gallery (Becka, LOL)—to get back to work on Hunting Mickey. Have to say how pleased I am that it’s begun to open up and allow me to write. It just took edits for my print edition of Callye’s Justice to come in!

See you all soon!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Her Knight Of Seduction...in paperback!!

It's not March 13th yet...but that's the day my Victorian comes out in paperback. WOO-HOOO!!! So, until then, I'm going to tease you with reviews, and an excerpt of my book. And, of course, the sexy cover!

5-Angels!! I thought Her Knight of Seduction was a compelling read. Megan and Edmund are delightful characters that make chemistry come alive with every turn of the page. Their banter, and mere eye contact, oozes throughout the book. Edmund’s voice alone grasps hold of the reader and holds tightly. They share emotions that practically spring off the pages and touch the reader. Phyllis Campbell pens a historical romance that is most satisfying. She draws her characters very well. They are believable and the storyline flows consistently. The secondary characters add that extra pizzazz to keep the story interesting. Even the mother has traits that can be felt and where this reader wanted to take hold of her and shake her hard. This is one stunning tale that is a winner! ~~ Fallen Angel Reviews / Linda L.

5-Books! "Her Knight of Seduction" is a historical romance set in England of the nineteenth century. This is a lively read, with wonderful, full-bodied characters. Must love give way to betrayal? Society, and the expectations of very upright British families, all hit just the right note here. From hiding in the bed chambers to very proper withdrawing-room conversations, this lively romance will keep you guessing (and hoping) to the end. ~~The Long and Short of It Reviews

5-Blue Ribbons!!! Phyllis Campbell knows how to pen an enchanting
tale that will leave you breathless and reading until all hours of the night. I laughed at the antics and bantering between these two lovely characters and my heart soared at the fairy tale ending. HER KNIGHT OF SEDUCTION will be staying on my keeper shelf. ~ Billie Jo / Romance Junkies

5-Hearts! Phyllis Campbell has certainly made a great contribution to the historical genre and will no doubt be a raising star among its already twinkling heaven. This reviewer strongly recommends all lovers of historical romance to get this book, sit back for a few hours and escape into a world of swishing skirts, rogues, gentlemen and saucy ladies. Reviewed by Valerie / Love Romances

Lady Megan Saxton will do anything—naughty if necessary—not to marry the drunken lord her grandmother selected. But when she thinks she’s trapped herself a duke, will a mistake in identity have her falling in love with the man who put her family in financial ruins?

Clever Scoundrel, Edmund Knight will stop at nothing to take back the deed to his goldmine that has been stolen. When his enemy’s daughter mistakes him for someone else, his plans change. Now he’s after her virginity.


Every card Megan picked was a high card, and it surprised her to see four Aces in her hand. If what the duke told her about the game was correct, she had won. Lifting her chin in triumph, she smiled.

He chuckled, shaking his head. “You, my dear, don’t have a face made for this sort of game.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“By the wide smile stretched across your tempting mouth, I assume you have an exemplary hand?”

She shrugged one shoulder. “How do you know this is not a deliberate attempt to mislead you?”

“No, I’m certain it isn’t.”

“Then do you call?”

He laid down five cards, all the same suit, numbered in order. “If you can beat a small straight, then you have me licked.” He laughed. “And the prospect of being licked sounds rather enjoyable at this moment.”

Megan’s heart thundered in her ears. He shouldn’t have suggested something so shocking. Now she imagined it, too, and it sounded very pleasing.

With shaky hands, she laid her cards on the table.

“I have four Aces and a five of clubs. I suppose that means I win.”

“Yes, you do.” He shrugged, the corner of his lips lifted in a cocky grin. “I’ll now have to forfeit something.”

By his creased forehead and shadowed gaze, he appeared deep in thought. She observed his meditations in keen interest, but his eyes revealed none of his innermost thoughts. Finally, he smiled, reached up and loosened his cravat. “It’s up to you. My cravat or a kiss.”

A cravat? What would she do with his cravat? Yet she knew what she would do with a kiss. She swallowed hard, deciding to let the teasing game play on.

“I will take your cravat.” She grinned and took the article of clothing handed to her, its silky smoothness still warm from his throat. She placed it on her lap, and his musky scent engulfed her, heating her that much more. He gathered the cards and shuffled again.

The next game went as before, and she held four Kings. Amazing. She was better at this game than she thought. It was time for him to forfeit, and he once again pondered on this, biting his bottom lip during the silence.

A grin tugged on his lips. “My waist-coat or a kiss?”

“Your waist-coat.”

With a nod, he smiled and shrugged out of the garment. She knew his game. He was purposely losing.

“Why are you forfeiting your clothing?” she asked in a mocking tone.

“As I see it, you have more need for it than I. Doubtful your riding habit is dry as of yet.”

Megan nodded.

Once the third hand was dealt, she held a royal flush. He’d tricked her! What other excuse could there be? She decided not to say anything, just to see where this led. As he unbuttoned his shirt, she caught a breath in her throat. This wasn’t good; or was it? She had vowed to seduce him, but now faced with disrobing a man in person, the thought made her feel a bit green—yet excitement bubbled inside her chest.

“Your Grace.” She lowered her eyes as her cheeks burned. “I’d rather you leave your shirt on.”

“But my lady, what would you have me forfeit? Are you ready for a kiss?”
“I...I don’t know, but—”

“Have you never seen a man without a shirt?”

Her face scorched with heat. “Once, I accidentally caught my father without a shirt.”

“I assure you, I’m built no differently.”

She dared to look up, and at that moment his shirt came off. Her mouth turned dry. He lied. He wasn’t a thing like her father. Her father would consider himself privileged to have even half the definition the Duke had sculpting his wide chest.

A maelstrom of sensations flooded her mind, and she found she couldn’t remove her gaze from his masculine body. His bronzed body glistened with hardened muscles sprinkled with a few soft hairs around his dark, tight nipples.

Inwardly, she moaned. She swept her tongue across her parched lips to moisten them before swallowing. It didn’t register in her mind that he held out the shirt for her to take until he stood and walked to her. She should have paid better attention.

The shirt dropped in her lap and his masculine scent of spice and leather surrounded her. Bending over, he placed his face very close to hers. Hesitantly, she met his heated stare.

“You know, my sweet lady, you shouldn’t look at a man with wide, curious eyes, and a gaze that devours his body. It might give him improper thoughts.”

Megan swallowed again, this time seeming harder than the last. “Please forgive me, but...you look nothing like...my father.”

He chuckled, tracing his finger along side her jaw before moving back to his chair. She breathed a little easier, but not much.

To purchase ebook at The Wild Rose Press

To purchase ebook at Fictionwise



Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vroom Vroom Vroom

The cars we’ve owned in the past and the memories associated with them

Everyone remembers their first car. Some are great memories some not so much. But there are some cars that, first, second or third, will live in our memories for years to come. Below are some of the Maven's memorable cars:

1. My first car was a ’69 VW hatchback. I learned to drive standard with that car and oh yes, lots of fond memories including taking a curve way too fast and rising up on two wheels. Scared the bejeebers out of me.

2. My second clunker was a ’68 Ford Torino, but it had only 60,000 miles on her when we bought her in ’76. I loved that car. We put a CB radio in her, so I remember well, hooking up with others and meeting them at the local Sonic

3. ’85 RX7 or at least I think it was an ’85 model. Might have been an ’84 but I bought it right after we married and it was my first “dream” car. When I got pregnant, I had to let my husband drive it the last two months of my term because I couldn’t fit behind the steering wheel. I drove the pick-up.

4. Red Dog or a ’77 Dodge pickup with the top cut out. DH and I dated in that truck, then he sold it. He’d never paid for it as it was a gift from his father who told him, if he could get it running, it was his. We sold it the year after we got married. Five years later, we moved and looked across the street and there, in the drive was the old pickup. A year after that, the folks that owned it said if we could make it run and get it out of their drive, we could have it. Yep, we’ve never paid for that vehicle and we’ve owned it twice. We ended up donating it to charity a few years ago.

Phyllis's Answers:
5. My very first car was a Chevy Cavalier. Lots of late night dates in that car!

6. After I was married and the girls were small, we bought a mini-van (Voyager, I think). I enjoyed driving that van because I felt safe.

7. I had a Ford Pinto when I was pregnant with my youngest. My oldest was two, and decided to take a drive. I had just gotten out of the tub so I was still in my robe. Needless to say, I was chasing the car across the street before it dipped down the hill and ran into the Junior High School across the street from us.

Donica’s Answers

8. I got a 1974 Chrysler Cordoba (You know, the one’s Ricardo Montelban used to do commercials for. The ones with the “rich Corinthian Leather”.) That honey had a 440 and could get up and go—which she did, A LOT. I got into street races and beat everything I ran against. It was wonderful. I even raced a Porsche once. I won—only because the hottie behind the wheel let me. Went out with him a couple of times.

9. A 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. White and black hardtop. She was so smooth it was like sailing down the highway. She hit 100 and I never realized it. Until I happened to look down. Thank God there were no cops out at the time. I had to sell her a couple of months ago. I’m still bummed about that. But she’s being restored to the glory she deserves.

10. 1992 Dodge Spirit. My first brand new car. I got it the same year I got my Caddie AND my daughter—and our first dog…that old car has rolled over 100K and she’s still kicking. DH drives it to work (45 minutes away) every day and while the serpentine belt gets thrown every time it rains, it’s still in good running shape. The only things that were wrong with the Blue Streak is the paint and the stereo has been replaced three times.

Becka’s Answers:

11. My very first car had been passed down from my sister, a hand-me-down car, if you will. It was bought by my father who drove it for awhile, then given to my sister until she made enough money at her job to buy herself another car. It was a crappy, run-down 1978 Datsun F-10, bright yellow stick-shift, and it was the love of my life. I went on many adventures in this car, the most memorable one when the arm rest fell off the passenger door and I put it to my ear, pretending it was a cell phone. Of course, it kind of looked like the cell phones of the day (1991 – 92), as they were all huge, but the funny thing was driving around in this ugly-ass rust bucket yakking on a phone. LOL It was pretty funny, and we got more than a few looks, my friends and I. You can’t believe how many people craned their necks to get a better view of the kids on the “phone”. >:D

12. My boyfriend, who was my soon-to-be husband, bought a new car with my father as the co-signer. It was a blue ’93 Geo Metro, stick-shift, and it was a great little car. I loved that thing, primarily because it was brand new, and I’d never driven a brand new car before. My father always shopped at the used car lots. Anyhow, my future DH had a job delivering pizzas for Dominos, and while on the job, got side-swiped by a drunk driver. That guy turned off his headlights and drove off into the night. DH, being the confrontational man he is, took off after him through an empty field. Probably not the best idea, as he didn’t see a ditch, it was so dark, and the car fell into it, ramming the front bumper into the engine. Long story short, the insurance said it was two separate accidents, the side-swipe and then the ditch. But it was the ditch that did the most damage to the car. So, they totaled it, and paid us what the car was worth, something like four grand, because of all the miles DH had put on it with the pizza delivery job. Of course we OWED like $8,000 on the damn thing, so we ended up paying a car payment for two years on a car we didn’t have. When we got the pink slip from the DMV finally, we were pretty bitter, owning a car that was sitting in a junk yard somewhere.

13. We bought an old Chevy Sprint from a friend of ours and drove it until it broke down on us. I don’t remember what year the car was, but it was a powder blue color. Of course, in L.A., they have street sweeping days, and if your car is sitting on the street on those days, you get a $20 ticket. Instead of getting a stupid ticket every week, we’d put the car in neutral, and “push” it around the block to the next street with our other car, a ’91 Mazda Protégé. Must have looked kind of funny seeing one car push another around the corner week after week. When the sweeper day was done, we had to push it back around to our house because the next day was sweeper day on the other street. LOL Good times. We finally donated the car to muscular dystrophy or something like that. Heh.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An important announcement

I have just completed galley edits on Callye's Justice. Why is this a big deal, after Callye is already out, right? That's true Callye is in ebook. These galleys were for the PRINT EDITION! Yes! Callye will be released in paper back! August 26th Callye's Justice will be available in paperback from your local book seller. If the book is not on the shelf you can have them order it for you.

BUT you can be the first to own a copy of this spine tingling suspense. You can pre-order NOW! How? Click on either Target.com or Borders.com as soon as the book is released you'll have your copy shipped to your door.

So what are you waiting for? Order today! If you will email me when you purchase your copy I will send you an autographed book plate to place inside your cover! Contact me at donica_covey@sbcglobal.net and let me know you want one!

Okay, have to get going here. Not only is it Ciara's day (sorry C)but muselax has worked and I am getting into Mickey's story. Hunting Mickey is the final book in the Gateway Guardians series and I'm ready to finish it. Keep your fingers crossed I can get on a roll!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Dropped the ball

I’ve been very lax in my posting here at the Mavens. I was to be doing the T13s as well as filling in on Mondays and I’ve just allowed myself to get behind. Trying to get myself on the writing track, plying catch up on all my emails, taking time to play with my son’s baby girl as well as doing the normal household routine I just got off my schedule. I’m trying to rectify this but its going to take me a bit. Hope you’ll be patient.

Part of my problem is the inability to shut down the other voices, choose a title and get on with it. But I’ve branched out into another genre of writing and I’m using a different name and publisher for this line of books. I have taken on writing romantic horror and erotica titles under the name Jinger Jackson and I’ve been trying to juggle writing titles for that as well. It’s a little flustering to try and get myself in one mode as opposed to the other.

My romantic comedy mind set is pretty much gone. I LOVE writing the edgy, gritty suspense line and I’ve found myself hitting a snag with the witches. Trying to make them light hearted while still under the blood and guts track of mind isn’t easy. Thank goodness, I don’t have to have another Elemental Desires title ready for a bit of time. I need to wrap up the Gateway Guardians series with Hunting Mickey. Then I have Ember and Tara to do in order to complete Elemental Desires series.

I’m also working on another horror as well as having a couple more suspense titles lined up. GAH! There just isn’t enough of me to be able to write them all! Okay stepping back to take a deep breath and hoping that I can get into something today.

See you all Thursday, I hope!