Thursday, March 13, 2008

T13 Springs up!

13 plants we plan to nurture in our gardens

Spring, fresh and new growth. Planting season is coming soon! What we like to grow:

1. My lime tree produced three limes last year, so I’m hoping to baby it along so it will produce more.
2. Camellias. Half are doing very well and produce the most stunning blooms, while the other two need to be loved by a greener thumb than mine.
3. Snapdragons are something I plant every year and I love all the colors they produce.
4. If I could grow gardenias, I would. I still try, but alas, they don’t do well for me and I absolutely adore gardenias. I love the way they smell.

Phyllis’s Answers
5. Did I tell you I’m not a green-thumb person? I kill plants no matter what I do. With this said, IF I have a plant in the house, it’s plastic.
6. I do like Lilac bushes out along our fence. Purple. They can’t be the white!
7. I also like Rose bushes, and have several planted along our front lawn.

Donica’s Answers
8. Roses. I’m planning to recreate the rose garden I had when we lived in Wisconsin. DH bought me a different rose bush every season that we lived in our house. I cried when we had to move and leave them behind. He’s promised me a new garden.
9. I want to try and grow melons. I’ve never been successful at that.
10. Berry bushes. Raspberries, black berries, I had those up in Wisconsin as well. It took forever for them to establish and begin producing.
I love being back home in Missouri. Back with my family and friends, but I really wish I could’ve brought my plants back with me

11. I want to start a garden, but it would take too much time/effort, since we have a big dumb dog who would just rip it up and do his business. I can’t plant it in the front yard, as there isn’t sufficient light.
12. If I did plant a garden, however, I’d love to grow things I eat, such as herbs like Basil & Oregano.
13. I’d also love to plant veggies like green onions, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, & garlic.
14. We have the supports outside our kitchen window for a small herb garden, but no box, as the previous owners took it when they left. Perhaps I’ll look into doing that. Of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to plant the veggies. Ah well, I’ll hork some from my friend’s garden. LOL

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