Monday, March 03, 2008

Dropped the ball

I’ve been very lax in my posting here at the Mavens. I was to be doing the T13s as well as filling in on Mondays and I’ve just allowed myself to get behind. Trying to get myself on the writing track, plying catch up on all my emails, taking time to play with my son’s baby girl as well as doing the normal household routine I just got off my schedule. I’m trying to rectify this but its going to take me a bit. Hope you’ll be patient.

Part of my problem is the inability to shut down the other voices, choose a title and get on with it. But I’ve branched out into another genre of writing and I’m using a different name and publisher for this line of books. I have taken on writing romantic horror and erotica titles under the name Jinger Jackson and I’ve been trying to juggle writing titles for that as well. It’s a little flustering to try and get myself in one mode as opposed to the other.

My romantic comedy mind set is pretty much gone. I LOVE writing the edgy, gritty suspense line and I’ve found myself hitting a snag with the witches. Trying to make them light hearted while still under the blood and guts track of mind isn’t easy. Thank goodness, I don’t have to have another Elemental Desires title ready for a bit of time. I need to wrap up the Gateway Guardians series with Hunting Mickey. Then I have Ember and Tara to do in order to complete Elemental Desires series.

I’m also working on another horror as well as having a couple more suspense titles lined up. GAH! There just isn’t enough of me to be able to write them all! Okay stepping back to take a deep breath and hoping that I can get into something today.

See you all Thursday, I hope!


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