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On Eagle's Wings Coming to Print July 31st PREORDER NOW!

Will Eagle's Wing be able to fix the time-line he's derailed without losing his heart in the deal?


Now here this! LOL On Eagle's Wings is coming to PRINT on July 31st, but you can pre-order NOW for a limited price of $8.95 (normally $9.95).

To pre-order, go to


In 1866, Shannon Phillips has hired a guide to take her to her grandfather's cabin in Wyoming. But the guide has other appalling ideas. As he tries to rape her, she is saved just in time by a handsome Indian named Eagle's Wing.

But Eagle has made a grave mistake. Being a Time Tourist from the year 2166, the rules are clear: do not interact with the populace, or you risk altering the time-line permanently. And Shannon Phillips was meant to get pregnant from that rape!

Now in an effort to repair the time-line, Eagle must do something to get Shannon pregnant and fast. But there's just the two of them on the wide open plain. Will Eagle be able to fix his mistake without losing his heart in the deal? And will Shannon be able to let go once he returns to the future?


5 Hearts from The Romance Studio: "...Sensual and romantic is this story and if I could I would give it ten hearts. Loved it!!!!"

4 Stars from eCataromance: "...ON EAGLE'S WINGS will keep you entertained and smiling long after the last page is turned."

4 Cupids from Cupid's Library: "...On Eagle's Wings is a sweet, sensual time-travel story and an enjoyable read for a lazy summer afternoon."


Preorder your PRINT copy today!



There has been some talk in the writing world about JK Rowlings interview where she says that she is killing off two of her HP characters at the final book.

She is quoted as saying: "I can completely understand, however, the mentality of an author who thinks, `Well, I'm gonna kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels. So it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character."

This has brought up discussions on various blogs including one at Paperback writer’s Blog. Reading all of the comments posted there got me to wondering, what would I do in this case? First off, I’m not Ms. Rowlings so I doubt I’ll ever have to worry about this being an issue for me. But I do have a myriad of partial WIPs in my files. I also have hand written sketches for another book, a sequel to my book Hawk’s Rayne (I’ve been requested to write a sequel, ages ago by the publisher) and a secondary character in my book Seeing the Light, I was asked for Tawny’s story. (She is in the works, honest I just have to finish some other obligations first.)

So what would I do in this case? I discussed it at length when my DD and I had lunch with my mother this afternoon and my DD had this to say: “If you will any of your writing stuff to someone don’t let it be me because I suck when it comes to writing.” Of course I had obligations to argue this point because a) she’s my DD and b) the child has a vivid imagination and she does have potential as a writer. She had her first book published in the third grade. Granted it was a school project and the books were paid for printing, but that isn’t the point. I spent the next hour or so trying to convice her that she should think long and hard about it before making a decision.

And of course this brought another issue to mind. Am I trying to force a future career on my DD? Every parent has at one point or another been thrilled to hear their child say I want to be this when I grow up because its what you do. I was an EMT for many years on the local fire department and from the time my DD was able to think about what she longed to be when she grew up she said “I want to be an Emt just like you, mommy.” Words to make my heart soar. I wasn’t considering her reasons for this. I became an EMT because I wanted to help people. Sure there is a bit of glory seeking, how ever miniscule it may be. To me there was nothing more heroic or appealing than EMT/ Rescue workers. (I grew up ont the television show Rescue with Randolph Mantooth…to me he was the epitome of the hunky hero). So did I want my DD to be an Emt to honor my role in her life or because helping people is the real issue. I can’t say for certain.

Now that she is getting older her passions are changing. She no longer is absolutely one hundred percent sure of what she wishes to be when she is grown. Her goal is to graduate high school and get a place with her best friend either residing in Tennessee or Pennsylvania. (Neither option I am thrilled with. The whole empty nest thing, ya know.) But she doesn’t have a goal for the rest of her life.

I am trying to squelch the desire to say you have to know now because I didn’t know at her age. One thing I knew for certain was that one day I wanted to be a published author. A dream I’d had since I was young enough to pick up my first book and get enthralled with the world the writer created. I’ve had so many jobs while trying to find this point in my life, I was sure people saw me as a wishy washy person who had no idea where they were headed, like a ship tossed about without a course. I prefer to think of myself as a free spirit…

So now two topics are floating in my brain. What am I going to do with my characters and stories that are in hodling or working stages? And am I pushing my daughter too hard to be what I want her to be rather than giving her the chance to plot her own course for her life?

I have two hopes: I don’t die before all my thingsd are published and I have no further to be written works. And that my daughter finds happiness in whatever she chooses to be when she grows up. (I also hope for the wisdom to keep my mouth shut unless asked for opinions in helping her giude her course in the future.)

What about you? What would your answers be in these situations?

On newsletter news. We have made the decision to release the Magic Mavens Newsletter once every two months rather than quarterly. We’re planning on adding more writing information and having contests for people who are newsletter members. Keep watching our blog for updates including prize lists!

Huggles all!

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Come Join Me!

Hey all, I'm going to be the guest "debut" author for the next three days at Romance Junkies. Come join me.

Click here to join RomanceJunkiesReaders
Click to join RomanceJunkiesReaders
Wow, it's really late and my eyes are drooping but . . . I feel a bit poetic. I've decided that writing is like painting. The artist starts with a concept and sketches a rough outline onto the canvas. He studies the draft, then begins laying in background. Background first for the artist. For the writer, he should know the backstory before he puts pen to paper and while he won't write backstory first, it's there in the back of his mind so that it trickles onto the paper a speck at a time. Now the artists is ready to begin the body of work. He layers color upon color to build a most vibrant painting. The contrast catches the eye while the focal point begs for a closer look.
Writers layer with words, building until that crucial black moment that snares the reader with emotion. And then the final touch, the HEA.
Yep - can't tell I'm a romance author, can ya?

Becka's on MySpace!

Hey guys, I don't know how many of you are on MySpace, but if you'd like to visit my page and/or blog, you're welcome, and I'd love to connect to some friends! :D You can check out my page at:

Yay, another tool for procrastination! LOL


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Another Request!

Boy, it's hot today. A whoppin' 95 degrees. UGH! So there's nothing else to do but sit in front of the computer and write my newest story, Pleasure Hideaway...and wouldn't you know, the temperature just got hotter!

But while I was on the Internet checking out my emails, I noticed one from Triskelion Publishing. They have requested one of my steamy historicals, SPANISH EYES. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they decide to take me on as one of their authors. Not only do they publish electronically, they do paperbacks, too. Here's the blub of the story I sent them--

It’s 1879, and headstrong suffragette, Rebecca Wakefield, is determined to be a Pinkerton Detective. Luring and capturing the notorious Spanish thief, Anton Carrera, will make that happen…if she can just avoid losing her heart to the womanizing scoundrel. But Rebecca is willing to do anything to prove her worth--even charm the man she suspects has stolen his uncle’s fortune.

Lady’s man Anton Carrera decides to seduce the woman who has attended his opera two weeks straight, but instead, her innocence and intoxicating beauty captures his heart. He is shocked to learn she is a Pinkerton Agent. Worse, her determination to win the trust of her employer means she refuses to believe the truth about his thievery. Knowing her independence is putting her in to danger, Anton is determined to protect her…even if it means proving his innocence by taking her to Spain against her will.

Anton realizes that although he has brought Rebecca to Padre Island to protect her, he can think of nothing but seducing her. But more than Anton’s heart is in jeopardy, for the murderous game his uncle has started reaches out to them wherever they go. Can Anton keep them both alive? For saving the life of the adorable Pinkerton Agent is suddenly all he wants.

Phyllis Campbell

Friday, June 23, 2006

Brain Mush

Hmmm, did the title arouse your curiosity. Mine, too. Ha ha. But seriously, I've been away this past week attending a workshop for artists and oh my, I learned tons. And I had sorta an epiphany. Just not sure my brain is up for putting it all into words, but I'll try.

Here it is: It's not all about me. Wow, that was profound. But the teacher really opened my eyes. A lot of times, as teachers, we do things to make ourselves look good and we forget the learning process that occurs for the student. It's not about me. It's about them. And ya know what. Same can be said for writers/readers. It's not about me. I don't write to get rich. I write to entertain, to share, to connect with others that have the same love of reading that I do.

So - what's new in my world? Find out. Come join me on June 27 for an author day or two or three at Romance Junkies. Way cool, ugh?

Come join a great reading loop and discover things you didn't know.


Happy Friday!

First off, I want to say... OMG! Phyllis is finally blogging!!! heeheee

Hey all! I'm in a good mood today. It's FRIDAY. Because I'm a full time employee for the state of Utah and I get weekends off, I live for Friday's!

Today I'll be watching my email closely. I have become the President of my RWA Chapter, and we, the board, are trying desperately to find a big author speaker for our 2007 Workshop. The Vice President and I sent out six emails (three a piece) to different big name authors. So far we've got two that said no. But...Karen Robards is leaning toward a YES!!!!! I've been in contact with her assistant, Stephanie, and I'm now waiting for that final email that says yes or no. Keep your fingers crossed that she says YES. If not, I have Julia Quinn. I got an email from her yesterday, and she sounded hopeful, too.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yet Another Video....

Once you start, it can be addicting! LOL

Here's another one I made for my novella SINCERELY YOURS. I love this one. It really picks up the feel and tone of the book. Enjoy!



Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Made a Video for IN YOUR ARMS

Just thought you might want to know, I made a video for IN YOUR ARMS, my latest western historical from Champagne Books. This is one of my favorite books AND one of my favorite heroes. Enjoy the video!



Friday, June 16, 2006


:D Dang, I didn't even have time to catch my breath before a whirlwind blew through here and landed me on an unlikely doorstep. LOL

HEARTS ETERNAL has been picked up by Samhain Publishing!! WOOHOO!! I don't have any details about publishing dates or anything like that, but they did offer me a contract which I will be signing in a few days.

I'm so excited because this publisher is in FULL PRINT, actually stocked on bookstore shelves. :D HEARTS ETERNAL is only a novella, so it might not see print unless included in an anthology. I'm hoping that it and it's sequel, HEARTS UNBOUND will be able to be marketed together. That would be so totally cool.

But I'm so excited! I'd never thought of submitting to them before, but I couldn't resist that contract dangling like a carrot before my very eyes. :D So be on the lookout for me at this well-known publisher. YAY!!!


Calling Becka!

Umm her sad news from yesterday has turned into some pretty good news! Seems as if this book was so great that it didnt have time to hang lost. She has sold it!!! COME SHARE YOUR NEWS BECKA!!!!!!!



Thursday, June 15, 2006

It is a Sad Day...

I've just been informed that my publisher at Inara Press has decided to close their doors once and for all. It was a hard decision for them to make, however, I do understand that sometimes, circumstances change, and things you once thought you could do no longer can be done.

What does that mean for my latest book HEARTS ETERNAL?Well, it won't be released on June 26th any longer. I am working with Dawn (Inara's publisher) to get the rights for my cover art so I can at least keep it. It is such a beautiful cover. I do have a plan for what I want to do with this book, but those plans won't be finalized until the next few days, so I'll keep you informed with that.

So this isn't the end of the road, and there is indeed hope for this book and it's sequel, Jareth's story, HEARTS UNBOUND.I am nearing the half-way point for Jareth's story, and I'm loving it! HEARTS ETERNAL clocks in around 33K, novella length. I'm thinking Jareth's story will be about the same. Together, they will be 65-70K, and I'm hoping I can shop them together as an "anthology" of sorts. Wouldn't it be great if they were both released together??

Anyhow, this all came as a shock to me today, but it's just a speedbump. I've been through this before, and while disappointing, there's no point in getting angry or hurt. These things happen. Publishing houses come and go. The trick is finding the ones that have staying power. Keep your fingers crossed for my paranormal romances. Perhaps we will hear some good news soon!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just got back from Vacation.

You know when you were a kid and the teachers wanted you to write about your summer vacation. Here is mine.

How I spent my Summer Vacation or as we like to call it A Week in Hell:

Tell you what when I first got there I thought about turning around and coming home. Our electricity at the place has gone wonky. The fridge blew up, and then the A/C was on its last leg. (It was in the 90's) bedding down the oldest boy had trouble breathing so best friend took him outside to cool off. As soon as they opened the door I heard a complaint about the sick odor coming from outside. The smell radiated into the trailer. Had to go out and make sure they stayed in the yard. They were like what’s that smell? Why are those cows going crazy? I couldn't stop grinning. There was a bear in the pond in the field across the road. That kind of freaked them out a bit. They decided they'd rather roast than be outside.

Next day we played all day and prayed things would be better when we came back in for lunch. It wasn’t. Still had some stuff to do so ran around and played and came home for dinner. Again nothing had changed. Went and drove 45 minutes to Wal Mart (this is the nearest store) and purchased a new A/C unit. Driving home I’m going rather slow.

Now I don’t drive the speed limit usually so for me to be going slow is a shock to the truckload. And Best friend is a person who has to be moving so she’s kind of bouncing her leg silently and finally asks why the need for crawling back.

“Deer” I simply answer.

Did not receive the typical “yes sweetheart” smartass reply I expected.Instead she says, “But it’s already after ten. Surely they aren’t out this late.”

“Trust me” I answer and continue crawling home.

As we round a bend three large does are standing by the road. They dart away.On the remaining drive we see according to one child 8 deer. According to the second it was more like 12 and my DD said nothing. We get in pull the old unit out and place in new unit.

Doesn’t work properly. The high cool refuses to run at all. Only the high fan runs. Say some words that probably shouldn’t have been used in front of children. Hope it’s a fuse thing.Tell kids to take a shower. They don’t want to because…did I forget to mention the rotten egg smell to the water? Go to bed and sweat miserably.

Next morning BF took a shower and filled the trailer with the smell of sulphur. By the time she and number one son had finished the smell was gone and the water clean and fresh. The rest of us took our turns.

Thought the problem was a fuse issue so Wal Mart here we come again. Came back replaced all the fuses. The first night all the lights at the back of the trailer had to be on for the A/C to run in the living room. So 5 of us sacked out there.

My arm is turning a purple red from the sunburn I received on the drive down so I really am dying. Drive to the liquor store for, surprisingly enough, ice. The next day we messed with the fuses some more.

Went ATVing, swimming and stopped at liquor store for, yet again, ice. Came back to find that the previous solution of all lights on wasn't working. We then had to shut everything off in back for the A/C unit to work.

Plugged in a fan to circulate the air; fan blew up.At this point there is a lot of whining and complaining. When the suggestion of sleeping outside was offered I immediately heard silence. They were afraid the bear might be back. Again I laughed.

After dark went for a nature drive and saw tons of deer, several coyotes, a raccoon and a small bear (this time we got to see one rather than just smell one.)

Next day more fooling with fuses more ATVing, some shooting then went on a two-hour ATV ride to a cave and natural spring that my great great grandfather had once owned. (The shell of his one room cabin is still there.) Took kids exploring in cave, (hit my head on the rock) more swimming, now all of my body is this purple red shade with the previous burn on the left arm really blistering.

Came back to the a/c not working at all. A lot of bitching and moaning by all of us at this point. Another nature drive to cool down and tire out the kids, this time no bears only a ton of deer and a rattlesnake.

Next day still more ATVing, almost hit a deer on my ATV. More swimming, more burning, more fighting with A/C then someone suggested a generator. My granddad and dad brought one down from the house by tractor and hooked it up. Sat in the cool air and everyone was happy. More ATVing let the kids watch how a farmer (my grandpa) bales hay. Took kids to see my grandpa's blue cow, more swimming. Saw huge black king snake, a blue crane, a baby brown snake. Another nature drive and came home to sing hallelujah that the a/c was still on. ate dinner, waited for it to get dark and took another nature drive.

Another day of ATVing and shooting and swimming followed by teaching the kids how to work a track hoe. Another nature drive. Another almost collision with a deer (in my truck this time rather than the ATV thank goodness)

Final day we went on one last ATV ride. Heard a sound that sent shivers down the spine of the whole group. For the first time it was something that scared them that didn’t make me laugh. We shut off all the ATV's and sat in silence while listening to the sounds. Hair stood on the back of my neck, I still wasn't laughing. On the breeze that carried the sound was a smell that again I couldn't place and again made me uneasy. I have been on this road for my entire life and never before had I heard or smelled the things coming from those woods. I decide to lighten the mood by sharing a story about a Big Foot creature that had been talked about in the woods and etc. The kids became frightened and we had to leave.

Came back to the A/C working and the mood was much more somber than when we left. Realized my story may not have been the best idea...try to lighten it up even more by making jokes. Teased her oldest boy who had been riding with me, “well next time we’ll just stay in the lead that way when Big Foot comes for lunch he’ll have your brother as the appetizer and you mom as a main course.” He wasn’t laughing. She laughed and said, “no way, it wouldn’t touch any one of the three of us. You’re the one with all the meat on the bones.” I grin and say, “geez, yet another down side to being fat…”

Relax in the a/c and start to itch as well as burn from the sun. Now have poison ivy blisters on my sun burn blisters.

Last nature drive, found tons of deer again, a raccoon another rattlesnake, came home was almost asleep when the two boys started screaming "MOM! MOM!" Best friend and I both shoot up from our beds and run in to find out the problem. They'd seen a mouse. Would've laughed if hadn’t been so tired. All night long listened to the youngest whine "mom, can I sleep with you?" got irritated. Said, "don’t worry its only a little mouse, it won't eat much."

I was referring to food in the pantry of course. The little one thought I meant the mouse wouldn't eat too much of him. This produced still more whining and crying and begging can I sleep with you.

Got up for the drive home. Stop to put in gas. After the gas I get in and put in the key and can’t start my truck. They key will not turn over. My dad is sitting waiting for me and I’m ready to scream. He comes over and asks what’s wrong. My best friend is in her seat mumbling something about God, ants and magnifying glasses. I try to start up again nothing. Dad pulls me out. He gets in. Takes my keys and pulls them out. Studies them then hands them back. “You can’t start a Chevy truck with a Dodge Spirit key” he says as he drops them in my hand. His head is shaking as he walks away. Best friend is laughing so hard there are tears streaming from her eyes.

About an hour out the littlest one puked in my truck. Joy of joys. Stop so he can get out and try it again. Kid feels better we drive on, stop for lunch. Child doesn't want to eat; tummy hurts. We all eat. Get on road, once more child whines about tummy. Throws up. Stop truck at Mammoth Springs Park. Take oldest boy and my DD out for a walk around and some pictures so best friend can tend to her littlest boy. Back on the road after an hour of touring and picture taking. Youngest child feels better. This is the signal for his big brother to cease being nice and the fighting commences. Best friend and I are growing angry.

She lets loose siren's shriek in the cab of the truck that resonates through the eardrums and out the window and down the highway.We have now progressed from everyone griping about being hot to freezing. Now I get hot when the temp climbs above 70 degrees. When it dips below 70 they all freeze. So here I am in a sleeveless tank and shorts while they are all bundled in blankets. I have no air on and the windows cracked as sweat pours from my body and pools in the seat.

After roasting for as long as I can bear I put the window down. This brings on a round of whining "I'm cold" and fight over the blanket commences. Finally arrive home some 6 hours later and unload them from my truck. Get in to drive back to my home and enjoy the silence that envelops the cab of the truck.

Come home to find Dh had rearranged the furniture, vacuumed, did all dishes, all laundry and cleaned out the fridge.

I'm planning on trying to find another way to leave town soon...

In all seriousness and honesty despite the many horrible things that happened, it could've been much worse. And I haven’t laughed as much in months as I did in the past 5 days. The kids were pretty well behaved (as well as you can expect a 10 and 11 year old to act) DD was an angel, helping with sunburn meds, not crabbing when I'm sure she wanted to, keeping the boys entertained while K and I relaxed. DD even surprised us by having lunch ready one afternoon when we came back from a ride she didn’t want to go on. However when BF immediately began listing thigs she was looking forward to doing next year I couldn't quite get my enthusiasm up to the right level. I'll give it a week.

I have also since found the sounds I heard, well pretty much, the sounds we heard. If you go to this website click on the "tending grunt" and the "breeding bellow" you will hear sounds very much like the ones we heard on that day. It may seem silly that those noises caused such hair raising but imagine yourself alone in the middle of the woods and hearing this for the very first time in your life and not knowing what it was. Think how you’d feel.

I should be getting pictures soon and I'll share them with you all at my blog Hope your summer vacations have all the good we enjoyed and none of the bad we suffered.

Huggles and I'll talk with you again soon!

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Latest Book, HEARTS ETERNAL Gets a Cover!

Check out my awesome new cover for HEARTS ETERNAL!!

What you are looking at is one face but TWO men. The hero, Laith Moreland, and his brother the villain, Jareth Moreland, are twins. On the left, Laith is ethereal in green tones and Jareth is "evil" in red, with Cassie in the middle. I LOVE it! :D

Is Cassie turning toward Laith or baring her neck for Jareth?? Hehe...

This book will be available from Inara Press in TWO weeks! June 26th is it's release date, so be on the lookout!

Here's the blurb:

Cassie Chapman has just met the perfect man in the mysterious Laith Moreland. But there's a catch: he's a ghost. Not only that, he claims Cassie is the reincarnation of his one true love who died hundreds of years in the past! As she begins to have visions of her past life, Cassie is flung into Laith's world and realizes only she has the power to break his curse and make him mortal once again.

Lord Laith Moreland, the Third Duke of Crichton, is a ghost. He's been searching for his true love, his
shelmir, for centuries. Finally he has found her, born again in Cassie Chapman. They cannot deny the strong bond that is mysteriously between them. But Laith isn't the only one who's found Cassie, and now they must stay one step ahead of Laith's murderous twin brother, who willingly cursed himself ages ago to find her reincarnated once again.

But can they escape the wrath of Jareth, a man consumed by jealousy, a man who wants Cassie only for himself? Even when Cassie discovers that Jareth is an unholy vampire?


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Launch Party

I've been hosting a launch party at the champagne toast loop and it's been a blast. We've discussed all sorts of fun things from our porno star name based on an insect to our most romantic memory. And wow, I've been reminiscing a lot. Funny, how one thought leads to another, an endless circle of memories.

Our whole world of fantasy is based upon real life experiences. The more experiences we have, the richer our stories become. Okay, time to get the waders. It's getting thick in here.

Back to the party, drop in and say hi. I'm giving away tons of stationary with my original artwork on the front. Good stuff.