Friday, June 23, 2006

Brain Mush

Hmmm, did the title arouse your curiosity. Mine, too. Ha ha. But seriously, I've been away this past week attending a workshop for artists and oh my, I learned tons. And I had sorta an epiphany. Just not sure my brain is up for putting it all into words, but I'll try.

Here it is: It's not all about me. Wow, that was profound. But the teacher really opened my eyes. A lot of times, as teachers, we do things to make ourselves look good and we forget the learning process that occurs for the student. It's not about me. It's about them. And ya know what. Same can be said for writers/readers. It's not about me. I don't write to get rich. I write to entertain, to share, to connect with others that have the same love of reading that I do.

So - what's new in my world? Find out. Come join me on June 27 for an author day or two or three at Romance Junkies. Way cool, ugh?

Come join a great reading loop and discover things you didn't know.


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