Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On Eagle's Wings Coming to Print July 31st PREORDER NOW!

Will Eagle's Wing be able to fix the time-line he's derailed without losing his heart in the deal?


Now here this! LOL On Eagle's Wings is coming to PRINT on July 31st, but you can pre-order NOW for a limited price of $8.95 (normally $9.95).

To pre-order, go to


In 1866, Shannon Phillips has hired a guide to take her to her grandfather's cabin in Wyoming. But the guide has other appalling ideas. As he tries to rape her, she is saved just in time by a handsome Indian named Eagle's Wing.

But Eagle has made a grave mistake. Being a Time Tourist from the year 2166, the rules are clear: do not interact with the populace, or you risk altering the time-line permanently. And Shannon Phillips was meant to get pregnant from that rape!

Now in an effort to repair the time-line, Eagle must do something to get Shannon pregnant and fast. But there's just the two of them on the wide open plain. Will Eagle be able to fix his mistake without losing his heart in the deal? And will Shannon be able to let go once he returns to the future?


5 Hearts from The Romance Studio: "...Sensual and romantic is this story and if I could I would give it ten hearts. Loved it!!!!"

4 Stars from eCataromance: "...ON EAGLE'S WINGS will keep you entertained and smiling long after the last page is turned."

4 Cupids from Cupid's Library: "...On Eagle's Wings is a sweet, sensual time-travel story and an enjoyable read for a lazy summer afternoon."


Preorder your PRINT copy today!


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