Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Friday!

First off, I want to say... OMG! Phyllis is finally blogging!!! heeheee

Hey all! I'm in a good mood today. It's FRIDAY. Because I'm a full time employee for the state of Utah and I get weekends off, I live for Friday's!

Today I'll be watching my email closely. I have become the President of my RWA Chapter, and we, the board, are trying desperately to find a big author speaker for our 2007 Workshop. The Vice President and I sent out six emails (three a piece) to different big name authors. So far we've got two that said no. But...Karen Robards is leaning toward a YES!!!!! I've been in contact with her assistant, Stephanie, and I'm now waiting for that final email that says yes or no. Keep your fingers crossed that she says YES. If not, I have Julia Quinn. I got an email from her yesterday, and she sounded hopeful, too.



Becka said...

Yay, Phyllis is BLOGGING! WooHoo! :D:D

Good luck with your workshop. How awesome would that be to have a big name author speak?? Here's hoping it doesn't fall through! :D


Donica Covey said...

YAY MARIE!!!! So glad to see you blogging!!! WOOHOOO

Now you have no excuses :D

Hope all works out well with yout RWA thing!

Huggles dear!

Ciara Gold said...

Way cool. You're blogging. And best of luck at your RWA conference. Hope they all say yes.