Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another Request!

Boy, it's hot today. A whoppin' 95 degrees. UGH! So there's nothing else to do but sit in front of the computer and write my newest story, Pleasure Hideaway...and wouldn't you know, the temperature just got hotter!

But while I was on the Internet checking out my emails, I noticed one from Triskelion Publishing. They have requested one of my steamy historicals, SPANISH EYES. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they decide to take me on as one of their authors. Not only do they publish electronically, they do paperbacks, too. Here's the blub of the story I sent them--

It’s 1879, and headstrong suffragette, Rebecca Wakefield, is determined to be a Pinkerton Detective. Luring and capturing the notorious Spanish thief, Anton Carrera, will make that happen…if she can just avoid losing her heart to the womanizing scoundrel. But Rebecca is willing to do anything to prove her worth--even charm the man she suspects has stolen his uncle’s fortune.

Lady’s man Anton Carrera decides to seduce the woman who has attended his opera two weeks straight, but instead, her innocence and intoxicating beauty captures his heart. He is shocked to learn she is a Pinkerton Agent. Worse, her determination to win the trust of her employer means she refuses to believe the truth about his thievery. Knowing her independence is putting her in to danger, Anton is determined to protect her…even if it means proving his innocence by taking her to Spain against her will.

Anton realizes that although he has brought Rebecca to Padre Island to protect her, he can think of nothing but seducing her. But more than Anton’s heart is in jeopardy, for the murderous game his uncle has started reaches out to them wherever they go. Can Anton keep them both alive? For saving the life of the adorable Pinkerton Agent is suddenly all he wants.

Phyllis Campbell


Becka said...

Phyllis, I feel like I know each one of your stories intimately *except* this one. LOL I didn't even know this existed until a few days ago!! LOL

But good luck with it, and my fingers are crossed for you!

Oh, and I LOVE the heroine's name, btw. Hehehe...


Donica Covey said...


That's wonderful news! I'm very happy for you!

Keep us posted!


Ciara Gold said...

Best of Luck, Phyllis. How can they not want this one. I'm ready to read it just from the brief description you've given.