Monday, June 12, 2006

My Latest Book, HEARTS ETERNAL Gets a Cover!

Check out my awesome new cover for HEARTS ETERNAL!!

What you are looking at is one face but TWO men. The hero, Laith Moreland, and his brother the villain, Jareth Moreland, are twins. On the left, Laith is ethereal in green tones and Jareth is "evil" in red, with Cassie in the middle. I LOVE it! :D

Is Cassie turning toward Laith or baring her neck for Jareth?? Hehe...

This book will be available from Inara Press in TWO weeks! June 26th is it's release date, so be on the lookout!

Here's the blurb:

Cassie Chapman has just met the perfect man in the mysterious Laith Moreland. But there's a catch: he's a ghost. Not only that, he claims Cassie is the reincarnation of his one true love who died hundreds of years in the past! As she begins to have visions of her past life, Cassie is flung into Laith's world and realizes only she has the power to break his curse and make him mortal once again.

Lord Laith Moreland, the Third Duke of Crichton, is a ghost. He's been searching for his true love, his
shelmir, for centuries. Finally he has found her, born again in Cassie Chapman. They cannot deny the strong bond that is mysteriously between them. But Laith isn't the only one who's found Cassie, and now they must stay one step ahead of Laith's murderous twin brother, who willingly cursed himself ages ago to find her reincarnated once again.

But can they escape the wrath of Jareth, a man consumed by jealousy, a man who wants Cassie only for himself? Even when Cassie discovers that Jareth is an unholy vampire?



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Becka said...

Thank you! I'm glad you wandered in. :D All four of us are really good friends, we decided to start our own blog and newsletter together that is quarterly.

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Ciara Gold said...

Becka, I love this cover. It's awesome. The colors work well and there's a certain mystery in using the one face for both brothers. Good stuff!