Sunday, July 02, 2006

What makes a best seller?

Whoo hoo! Just found out this weekend that Celestial Dragon is a best seller for Champagne Books. And not only that, but Celestial Dragon will be going to print. Don't know the release date for this yet, but I'm still thrilled.

So what makes a best seller? I wish I knew. Seriously. I'm a brand new author with no track record. I don't feel like I've promoted Celestial Dragon any more than any of my fellow authors have their books, and while the reviews have been very good, the scoring has been very mixed. I'm thinking that it might be the genre. I think there are fewer futuristic paranormals out there than books in other genres. Well, there's that and I happen to think Celestial Dragon is a great story with dynamic characters.

Or maybe those hundreds of bookmarks I sent here, there and yon actually paid off. But looking around our small group here, I feel very blessed to be in such talented company. (and a little intimidated.) So here's a toast to my fellow bloggers, the magic mavens. Donica, Phyllis and Rebecca - may your fingers be blessed with the magic of writing.



Becka said...

Best sellers, in my opinion, can be born when a writer is well known. Take our own Phyllis Campbell for example. She won't mind. :P She's a best-seller, because she's been around the block and people know her. They are familiar with her name and the kind of books she writes.

On the other hand, in a case of a newbie author, I tend to think it can be one of many factors. Genre definately plays a part in it, as you have outlined. Futuristics and paranormals seem to be hot right now. People love reading those kinds of stories. On top of that, you have Champagne Books, a publisher who is making a name for themselves with the books they publish, with the afore mentioned Ms. Campbell, and yours truly, Becka Goings. :D Networking with well-known authors can also help, hence this lovely Magic Mavens blog, which I'm not too proud to admit I'm hoping to steal some of y'all's audience. :P

So while you may be sitting there with your head spinning wondering if you could possibly have THAT many friends and family members (lol), I think a lot of it is timing, what's popular, and who's popular.

Because one thing I've learned about this business is, it's all about who you know. And thats true of any entertainment industry.


Ellen said...

Could also be that it's a damn good book.

But don't take my word for it, dear readers. Get your own copy.


debbiee said...

It is always a great day to follow such great authors such as yourselves. I wish you all continued success and I will do my part by buying and talking about your books.


Ciara Gold said...

Debbiee, thanks so much for your continued support. I think it's very exciting when readers and writers come together for the simple joy of reading.

And Becka, I agree. You've been in this business long enough to know the ups and downs of entertainment world.

And Ellen, Becka's comments about Champagne are right on target. I think you've done a fine job of building a quality product that readers have come to expect. And quality is the key to success. I am very blessed indeed.