Monday, July 17, 2006

Where do I turn?

As most of you know I’ve got a four book series contracted that will be released beginning this October, April 2007, October 2007 and finally April 2008. I have the first two witches done but I have been putting pressure on myself to write the last two so that they’re finished and ready to go when the publisher is ready for them.

But…(love those buts) I’ve been distracted by an amazingly hot, sexy detective who’s been whispering in my ear, telling me he’s wanting me to share the story of him and his lady love. As I began writing them (because lets face it, if you don’t write the loudest voices you end up with museapation and won’t be able to get into it.) So I opened a file and just started letting the words flow. I have the entire book mapped out; hero, heroine, secondary characters, GMC and I’ve had my head buried.

I know what music they prefer, what food they eat, what colors they wear. I can see it all so vividly. And while writing I mentioned the hero’s partner and his unit of men and the partner piped up with “I’m next!” I’ve successfully shut him up long enough to be able to get back on track with Justice and Callye. The book is titled Callye’s Justice (makes sense huh?) He and his men make up a drug task force unit and they’ve been successful in breaking the links in the chain of a massive drug dealer’s chain.

Of course this gets them in Dutch and Callye’s Justice shows the retribution for doing such an excellent job. If this works out I may be pitching another series but I’m not going to get ahead of myself here. I need to finish at least the rough on this one, write the other two witches and see where I go from here.

There are also new articles on the art of writing posted on my website and Becka has started a class of sorts over on about world building. So novice authors might be interested in checking these out.

I will be working on presenting a writing class of posts in a bit for novice writers myself. Keep checking back for information, please.

Also we now have a Magic Mavens public calendar where we will be posting news and information about places where you can come and chat live time with the four of us, when newsletters will be released and contests we will be running from time to time.

Please check it out at We’ll be posting dates from time to and keep an eye on here for information about our first Mavens chat!

Well a dark brooding hero is breathing in my ear telling me I need to get back to work!

Huggles!Donica Covey

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