Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vote for Me in a Cool Contest!

Hey guys, I thought I'd recruit you in a shameless plea for votes. :P One of my short stories is in the running to win a contest from Amazon.com. The prize is publication in their Amazon Shorts, short story e-books that they offer on Amazon. Rather than making any money off of this, I'm looking at it as a promo opportunity if I win. And of course, my entry is romance. :P

Go here:


And give me however many stars you think the story deserves. Of course, I think you have to sign up for Gather in order to vote, but that's a small price to pay. LOL Believe me, they don't bother you with junk mail; they're merely a place to post articles and make friends.

So if you'd like to vote for me and my story LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, come on over! :D


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