Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day in the life of a teacher

Well, I had high plans for posting something really relevant to writing or publishing, but alas, my other job, the 8 - 5 job, got in the way.

Most readers already know that I also teach. This was the first week back and oh man, my poor puppies (feet) are feeling it. When I teach, I never sit and my floors are just concrete. I did break down and buy arch supports.

Hmm, to make this more relative to writing, I'm going to give everyone a glimpse into my day as a teacher. That might help someone who wants to use a teacher for one of their characters.

I arrive at 7:45 and grab the handout for the day so that I can make enlarged copies for one on my students. That takes about ten minutes as I have to hunt down the large paper for the copier. At least there was no line. At 8:00 AM, I'm choosing slides for the slide projector, putting out materials for the lesson and doing a very quick recording of grades for yesterday's assignment. The bell rings at 8:20 and we say the pledge followed by a moment of silence. I pass out a short assignment for them while I finish recording grades. After passing back the graded work, I begin the lesson. The lesson consists of about 4 different activities, but amazingly, I manage to organize and multi-task until it's all done. And that was only 1st period. Four different preps and by the end of the day, I'm ready to collapse.

Fourth period rolls around and one of my sweethearts decides to get lunch early and bring it to class. Grrrr. So after dealing with him, we begin class. They are already on a long project, so I don't have to present new material. When the bell rings again, it's advocate period which is a thirty minute period whereby students can just study. Then it's lunch time. By 12:30, we're all starving. After a thirty minute lunch, I have a conference period.

I spend my conference period counting money that was collected for fees and turning it into the office, then making xerox copies for the next lesson. I finished a PO for supplies, answered e-mail and drafted a grading paper for another project I worked on this past summer. This period is too short for all that I need to do, but . . . the bell rings and I have two more periods to go.

My classes are big this year. 31 in all my classes except 4th and it only has 20. My daughter shows up between 4th and 5th complaining about the treatment she recieved from her teacher and then the teacher e-mails complaining about my daughter. Ugh. Not fun to be caught in the middle.

Tomorrow I get to monitor tardies which makes me feel like the bad guy, but I know I'm only doing my job. If the child didn't want detention, they should not have been tardy. And of course there is the endless checking for dress code violation and lack of ID.

Well, that's a glimpse. Being that busy makes the day go by fast and by next week I'll be aclimated to my routine.

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