Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have decided to try to take a little break from writing. I need to take a break. I want to take a break. I can’t.

Let’s recap what I’ve got going this year:

My alter ego had a release in January. I wrote two books, Beyond Death and Heaven’s Torment, and submitted them—as my alter-ego. Beyond Death was picked up and I have already gotten two rounds of edits on it and sent them back. This book is a fall release. October actually, well as far as I know it is. Since I only submitted Heaven’s Torment this week I’m sure I won’t hear anything on it for a while. Keeping my fingers crossed, nerves jangled, etc.

As myself, I have a book due to release in July—the first Elementals book, Tides of Maryna’s Love. I’m still waiting on edits for that one, but I have no doubt they’ll be here soon. I hope so since its almost May!.

Then I have Callye’s Justice coming in print in August.

After that is Dragon’s Angel, coming in October.

Plus, I have to write the final book in the Gateway Guardians series. Oh! Can’t forget my other two girls, Ember and Tara.

It’s only April and already I have gotten so much accomplished. I’m proud of myself. Is that wrong? Is it vain to be proud of myself? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m extremely OCD. One of the many things I’m obsessive about is my writing. I’ve got this huge fear, this terrible fear, this all consuming fear: I’m scared to be away from the computer. I’m afraid I’ll miss an important email, or instant message. I’m equally terrified that if I’m not writing, blogging, or promoting I’ll be forgotten. My dream will come crashing down around me and I’ll never be able to pick it up again. How’s that for an admission?

Hi, my name is Doni and I’m a computer addict. Not necessarily an internet junkie, but I’m dang close. There are those what if’s hanging over my head. What if I loose momentum and I can’t get it back? What if I take that break and all my ideas disappear. What if my muse decides to head south and never comes back?

I’m going to try and break this cycle now. Today. I’m going to get off the computer and go do my cleaning, maybe even start some bread. How about a cake? Maybe some cookies…Huh.



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