Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Was supposed to blog yesterday and I got so busy I just kind of forgot. Am I horrible or what? Okay I'm horrible, but with good reason. DH is finally gone back to work--thank you GOD--and he's out of my hair. Now I can try and catch up on everything that was shoved aside--writing, emails, blogs, cleaning, laundry, posts, newsletters, remodel and renovation tools. I was going to slowly go into getting everything done then the kids call.

It put me into panic mode. They want to bring the baby over for me to babysit--tomorrow. I of course said yes. I can't refuse that little angel face anything. Then I went OMG! I've got to mega clean. Renovation dust and tools to be picked up. Dog hair to vacuum, plus I have to locate and hide all the dog toys--the little scraggly rat went into fits because he was ignored during my hubby's illness. So he pouted and went into I'll do what ever it takes for attention mode. I'm still finding peices of Mr. Cheeky--his at-one-time-stuffed-squeaky monkey.

And there's the regular chores that were ignored, the dusting, mopping, sweeping--er reverse that, sweeping then mopping, vacumming, all to be done. Toilets, laundry...I need a maid!!!!!!!
Or the special talent of twitching my nose and the house being cleaned all on its own...Nice dream-huh?

Okay now that I've posted I need to get back into the housecleaning frenzy. Have a great week!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Take your time easing back into things, babe. Most of it can wait.

I'm glad the crisis has been over. I've been thinking of you.