Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have you seen DEA on Spike TV?

When this series first premiered, I was so excited. It’s no secret that my favorite series is my Gateway Guardians books. My team, my boys, are so uppermost in my heart.

If you haven’t seen this program then you should it’s a lot like cops. A crew follows a DEA unit out of Detroit around on some of their busts and things. I went into watching this series with mixed emotions.

I was excited because I could finally see first hand what a take down looked like—better than doing something and asking the local group to give me a ride along---RIIIIGGGGHHHT we know that would happen, NOT. And I do have a couple of contacts at the DEA who have been absolutely wonderful about taking time from their busy lives to answer questions, but it’s not quite the same, you know?

I also was worried. I know, it’s not my place to worry. The DOJ would screen this stuff closely before it was allowed released for public view. Still, they show faces, they give names—but several agents are masked from view—That job is so dangerous anyway it’s almost like they are daring the idiot drug dealers to come at them.

From the very first episode I was hooked. The group was EXACTLY how I envisioned my guys to be. The “brotherhood”, the sense of humor, the mesh of personalities that worked to portray exactly what I always thought it would be like.

When I write a character I have specific image in mind. I can see their picture clearly but sometimes it helps to have a picture of a person who is “close” so I hunt actors websites and movie stills trying to find as close to my ideal as possible. Most authors I know will tell you that this is something they do. With Mickey I was having a terrible time. They wouldn’t be the right height, the right build, there would just always be something “wrong”

Then this agent walked into the frame and my heart stopped. There he was. The living, breathing counterpart to exactly how I saw Mickey. I almost fell out my chair. He had the exact build. His hair is the same length and color. Those same eyes.

I joked with my mom that I should write him and ask him to send me a beefcake picture. For research purposes mind you. LOL I am tempted to name him here but I’ll restrain myself. Not that I actually believe anyone from the organization reads this blog, but on the slim chance they do I’d hate for them to go back and razz him about being my “ideal hunk hero”.

And if they are reading, I personally am proud of each and every one of you. I bet there are some days when you feel like your just trying to empty the ocean with a bucket, but I know you do make a difference.

Well I have to get back to Hawaii. I left Mickey and Terese on the side of volcano with the drug runners closing the distance.

Oh! By the way, if you haven’t watched this series and you can get Spike TV then check in on Saturday. They will show all the DEA episodes. Check it out and while you’re at it, see if you can guess which one is my Mickey!


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Leigh said...

which one??? I know who I think the beefcake is on the show :)