Friday, April 04, 2008

New Covers!!

I'm so excited! It's like Christmas all over again. But better. I have TWO new covers to show off. My first one is for my newly contracted story, The Man Hunt, which will be published by The Wild Rose Press.

Unwilling to let another man control her life, Dr. Jordan Reed hires someone to portray her new love interest to satisfy her nagging stepmother. Part of the bargain is that he also convince her ex-boyfriend that she has happily moved on. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove when Brock Hamill blames Jordan for his sister’s suicide and embarks on a mission to destroy her psychiatric credibility. Acting the part of a patient, his mission is deterred by the doctor’s hot body and giving heart, and when he discovers her life 's in jeopardy, he’s willing to reveal his true identity to save her. Will Jordan forgive his deceit when she learns the truth?

My next cover is for my historical, Pretend I'm Yours, which was released almost one year ago. My publisher wanted a catchier cover...something sexier, which hopefully will let readers know how sexy my story really is... What do you think? Does this cover work? YUMMY!!!

Lies brought Mercedes Maxwell a breath away from her heart’s true desire. Could they keep her from happiness?

A Woman on a Mission

Englishwoman Mercedes Maxwell is forced by her identical twin’s medical circumstances to America. Mercedes will not rest until her brother-in-law accepts his financial responsibility—even if it means impersonating her own sister.

A Man With a Secret

William Braxton’s selfish wife could end his life with one word regarding his actions against Mother England. But William and Mercedes discover each may have been mistaken about the other. William is discovering this woman is nothing like his bride, and instead everything he’d hoped for.


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