Thursday, April 03, 2008

Man oh Man What a Week

I’ve gotten this bug. It won’t leave me alone but it’s really not that bad I guess. See I got bit by the spring cleaning bug. For this past week I’ve been going through the house throwing things away, dusting, sweeping, mopping, you know, the usual activities. We’ve been remodeling so its been a true chore. Drywall scraps and dust. Tools that are out of place and scattered across my hall. Stuff that has been collecting dust and just sitting around. Clothes that were out groan.

I didn’t continue the rampage yesterday as my son and his wife brought their little one over for me to babysit. The apple of my eye. The angel I adore who has me completely wrapped. The little darling waiting until Mommy and Daddy were outside in their car then proceeded to split my head wide open with that eye bleeding wail that only an infant can produce.

My dog, who has never seen a baby, or even a small child before, became extremely upset. He growled every time she cried. So this is how the game went: Lyxie-cry, Teddy growl, Lyxie stop crying. Lyxie cry, Teddy growl, Lyxie stop crying. This game continued for about 10-15 minutes when Lyxie didn’t want to play any more. Teddy growled and growled still she wouldn’t stop.

This angel of my life HATES to sleep. She will scream and scream to avoid sleeping. Finally I did what I did with my own children. I lay her in the swing then I left the room. I turned on the stereo softly and I waited for a time. She finally stopped and when I went back into the room she was smiling, cooing, gurgling, and generally being a real doll. This lasted for all of five minutes. When the screaming began again.

I grabbed her bottle a.k.a. the shut up juice (my son’s nickname for it). It failed miserably. So I held her, rocked her, cuddled her. Finally, finally, I got her to sleep. Just a few minutes after the phone rang—no more sleep for baby. I took the call then I calmed her down again. She went back to sleep, deep enough that I could put her back into the swing and I went about my business. Teddy went to barking and Lyxie began screaming again. This time it was mommy and daddy coming to get her. So from 9:15 until 1:00 I had the little screaming punkin’ puss.

And yes, I can’t WAIT to do it again! There’s just something magical about having a baby in the house. The kids were supposed to move in with us, but they are happy where they are, and my parents are happy to have her…er I mean them…LOL

Now for the rest of the week and weekend it’s back to thorough strip down and cleaning the house. The carpet steamer is all primed to go, the vacuum is standing by for the next room.

Guess I better go and get to it!

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Ciara Gold said...

Your grandbaby is simply adorable! Yeah, but they can be a lot of work. Hugs, grandma. It will get easier with time. Or so we hope.