Monday, December 03, 2007

what a way to end the weekend!

My first official review of Callye's Justice arrived. Ashley at FAR gave it 5 ANGELS!! I'm so happy. Here's just a little of what she had to say:

"Donica Covey managed to portray emotions in an uncommonly good and realistic way. At the heart of this book, it’s about two people who are in love who need to find their way back to each other during and after a tragic event. Callye’s Justice was one of the better romances I’ve read, and I can’t wait for more from Donica Covey."

THANK YOU Ashley!!!!

To read the review in full head over to FAR and read it for yourself! I'm so jazzed!

It was a great boost after sitting with my son in a hospital ER. He'd been there from 3 am and hadn't been taken to a room until 10 am. I drove up there and we sat there until he was finally dischareged at 2:30. He'd been in a work related accident and injured his back. The idiot supervisor was informed DS had received a back injury. Supervisor advised him that he had the right to medical treatment BUT DS had to DRIVE HIMSELF to the ER. No one from the company would go with him. No one would drive him. No ambulance would be called. My son injured his back. The drive was done in torture.

I learn that he had been trying to help move a peice of machinery when it slipped. Instinctively he reached out to try and catch it--all 700 pounds of the steel item. His back popped and the pain almost leveled him.

Now I should tell you, my son's pain tolerence is so high that when he was little (talking like 5) he had dental work done-without novicaine. He hates needles and he claimed the drills and stuff didn't hurt anyway. So his saying he was in pain is a HUGE deal.

After his release I tell him to hand over the keys and I'll drive him home. He declines. Says the pain is much better. He backed out of the parking spot and I saw my own death as he drove home. I made it mut my hands were frozen in place after having been gripped to the door handle.

He had to stop by work first. He had been clocked in the entire time so he is "supposed" to be getting paid for the hospital visit--at time and a half. We'll see.

How was your weekend?

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