Monday, December 10, 2007

Do Overs is BEST

I was cruising the 'net yesterday because I needed to heck who am I kidding I'm becoming addicted. Actually I was waiting to see if an editor had contacted--nope. Dh was making a comment about finding me on some website I didn't belong on. Hint: It was naked people doing naked people things...ROFLMAO

So I decided to google my name and see where I turned up. I was also hunting for some more reviews on Callye's Justice. Didn't find any of those yet. However I did find something surprising. I didn't know that Do Overs had been selected as BEST inspirational for 2006. It was awarded by Single Titles .com I never heard about it. The prize I mean. I just did a random search. I think its pretty cool! Check out the award site

What makes this even better? Single Titles is part of the Cataromance network. How is this better? In 2005 I won awards for the BEST BOOK in the following catagories: Contemporary with Seeing the Light. Paranormal with Hawk's Rayne, and Romantic Suspense with Dante's Duty.

Do Overs has been a lucky book for me. It was nominated for a Golden Rose and I took honorable mention in the Inspirational catagory.

AND this means I've won best book for the last two years in at least one catagory. I wonder if I can do it again? The only title that qualifies this year is Callye's Justice. This book totally rocks so maybe I can have some good luck with it as well!

Something else really cool happened. My DD had her Christmas concert yesterday.We came home and the most amazing, beautiful hawk was sitting on our porch. His large eyes watched as we pulled into the drive. He didn't move as we got out of the truck. LORD I wish we'd had the camera. He looked at me and then pushed off, circled for a little and then was gone. Now I'm not really superstitious. I beleive that I have a totem animal, a cougar. Whenever I'm having a particularly stressful time in my life a cougar comes to me in my dreams and helps me feel safe, and confident.

ANYWAY I took the hawk as a sign. He was waiting for me. Sure the family was with me. But when he looked me in the eye I knew he was waiting for me. I have another Hawk waiting for me. Hawk's Rayne. I had been invited to submit this book to another publisher. I had put it off due to my schedule but now is the time. I feel it.

When I submit the book I'll give a shout and we'll see how it goes. I'm still in the pickle barrel on finishing the revisions on Beyond Death but those will be done soon. Once they are then I'm going to look at Hawk again.I love the book and I want it to be released to a while new audience.

Looks like I've blathered anough.

Have a great week!

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