Thursday, December 06, 2007

T13 Homemade Christmas gifts.

Best ones you've made/given and/or received

1. When I was in high school, I sewed a lot, so everyone got sewn items from me, shirts, skirts and once, I even made my dad a suit (though it didn’t come out like I wanted LOL)
2. My husband is quite a carpenter so one year he built me some wonderful bookshelves.
3. My son learned to etch glass in art and made a wonderful decorative piece for us.
4. I crocheted an afghan for my mother one year.

5. I’ve made crocheted teddy bears for each of my kids. One year, I made them all out of variegated yarns and had them poking their heads out of the stockings on Christmas morning. They were a HUGE hit.
6. I’ve received three BEAUTIFUL flower-wrapped wreaths from my brother-in-law’s mother, who makes them as a hobby but could TOTALLY sell them. I keep trying to get her to go into business, but she says she’s not business saavy. With all the promo I’ve learned from being an author?? Please. The woman should hire me as her marketing guru. :P
7. My daughters gave me a few gifts last year that they didn’t make, but that they bought with their own money. Some wooden spoons, barettes, and chocolate candy. I loved those presents, because they’re not given allowances in the traditional sense, more like pocket change whenever we have any or money in the laundry, etc. So having them buy me stuff meant a lot, because they don’t have a lot of money to spend, and they chose to buy me gifties. J

8. Gifts in a Jar. Those are a big hit. You put the dry ingredients into a jar and attach the recipe. I covered mine with holiday fabric but you can make them for any time of year.
9. Hand quilted potholders. Different themes for different friends and family.
10. Mountain Pounding baskets. I make these for wedding showers too. You put in a pound of all the basic kitchen necessities and some measuring cups, spoons, etc.

11. Anything I’ve received from my daughters when they were youngI crocheted wall fans with flowers one year.
12. Anything I can put on the wall
13. Husband made the girls a dollhouse one year…lasted a very long time

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Vicki Gaia said...

Nice list and a reminder that it's not always the latest techno gadget or toy that's appreciated for Christmas.