Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Technology continues to get better and better. My son and Santa brought me a flypen for Christmas. And oh, wow, I'm in love. All I have to do is turn it on, activated it, and write. So, when I'm in the car on long trips or stuck in a boring assembly, I can write. I had to install software on my computer, but now it's all ready to recieve so I can take the pen home, plug it in and the program tranlates my hen scratching into words in my word doc. file. How nifty is that? Did I say I'm in love? I can't wait to make real use of it.

I also recieved a digital dictaphone and the only thing that would make this gadget better is the same ability to transform audible into printed word, but still, I can see a ton of uses for it as well. In fact, I took it to the bath last night. I'm always getting an idea or two while I relax and this time I was able to record the idea before I lost it.

I am all set for the coming year. Whoop!


Phyllis Campbell said...

I saw this commerical and thought it would be a great gift for writers. You'll have to let me know how it works. I'm very interested!


Ciara Gold said...

It works great. You have to install software on the computer. It comes with a special notebook that has buttons that help activate it. The penpoint twists so the ink pen part works, then you turn it on, activate it and write with it like it was a normal pen. It comes with a chord you plug into the computer, then the program reads what you've written and if you want, you can have it transcribed into your word document. Too cool!!!!

ruth said...

Sounds perfect! All the best for 2008. Best of health and success.

Heidi said...

The pen sounds so cool! I am very jealous. Have great fun using it and getting all those words down.

Happy 2008 and I hope you had a great christmas

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks Ruth and Heidi. And my best wishes to both of you for 2008. I wrote down my goals and I'm really excited about my writing plans. I'm taking that pen with me tomorrow to work, but shhhh, don't tell the boss.