Monday, October 01, 2007

What to blog...

I'm having a rough day. Its been a long two weeks. I've exploded and done a rant on my personal blog so if your interested in my political views hop on over.

Last Saturday I lost an aunt. She was my great aunt. She'd had a severe stroke and passed away. Then I learned a second great aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer and she is gravely ill. My uncle had back surgery, my grandfather is slated to have surgery, another great aunt died this past Friday, an aunt scheduled for surgery due to a car accident that has screwed up her spine. I feel so overwhelmed. Lost. Depressed. I know my great aunts were much older, in their mid and late 80s. I knew there would come a time for them to pass on. But so closely?

What a downer I am, huh? I'm just tired. I'm angry about the illegal alien debate--hence the political blog post--I'm angry at the children who were in state funded care for medical problems having their funds cut and in a case completely removed--(Thanks to our illustrious governor may he be removed from office quickly) Compound all this with insomnia, loss of loved ones, worry for family health issues, my writing is nonexistant. And now I'm whining to the ones who I appreciate the most--our readers.

I ask your forgiveness in this personal rant but I feel better having released it all. I will try and be normal--well as normal as I can be--next time. The T13 is coming up, those are good entertainment, right?



Jinger said...

Poor Donica. Hope things get better soon!


Ciara Gold said...

{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} Life loves to throw curves. Hope things get better soon.