Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let's get into character

Ever wonder why we like to dress up for Halloween? Could it be the same reason we create memorable characters? I used to love "becoming someone or something else" for a day. It was like the old me didn't exist and I could forget all my inibitions and act differently than normal and it would be okay.

I think that's why we create some of the characters that we invent. Because they can literally get away with murder. They can act brave, silly or stupid and if we do a good job, the audience will love them anyway, because the reader has intimate knowledge on why the characters act a certain way. As humans, folks often have to read us at face value. They don't understand the "backstory" that make us so unique.

Well, we could probably debate this all day, but since it's halloween, I'll move forward. LOL

I thought it might be fun to find some past Halloween pics of DH and I, so here are a few:

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The first costume party we went to, we got a prize for "best couple" for our portrayal of Popeye and Olive Oil. Batman and Robin came two years later and was based on the old style TV show. Friends and us went as the Wizard of Oz characters one year and that was a blast. DH dressed as Captain Hook and I went as Peter Pan once. I don't know how he did it, but he walked around on that peg for hours with his leg bent and taped. We were much younger then. Of course, we've done the hippy costume and various others. We both enjoy going to Good Will store and resale shops to find our costumes and then we kinda put them together. Too fun!!!


Morgan St. John said...

I"m so bummed! I can't see your picture! I'm going to stop in later to catcha glimpse.

I've been debating halloween this year. I don't remember LOVING it as a kid, although I probably did. I didn't have any inclination to dress up in high school...that I can remember, anyway. LOL Now, I'm dressing up my own kids and... let's just say I like to BUY costumes. :D I still have a hard time being creative in this area.

Your ideas sound great!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Phyllis Campbell said...

I've always liked Halloweens. I usually go all out to dress up, too. Most of the jobs I've had lets us dress up at work, which is cool. I usually dress up like a man...go figger. I've been Elvis (the fat version, of course), Al Boren from Tool Time, Phantom of the Opera, a Pirate (not Johnny Depp, though), and a cowbody. I think I've only dress as a woman once, and that's when I was Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. LOL


ellie said...

Halloween is great! Thanks for the lovely pics. I did dress up as Anne of Green Gables since it was familiar and a fun idea.

Angela said...

Love the costumes!! Especially Popeye and Olive Oil! Great!!! Great Blog too ladies!!!! Kudos!
Angie A.