Monday, October 08, 2007

Almost here

Tomorrow is the big day. Callye's Justice will be tossed into the cold cruel world. Nausea assails me. Nerves jangle me. Sleep illudes me. Terror fills me. Self-doubt consumes me. I'm giddy to the point of irritation.

So why put yourself through this? You ask. the answer is simple. I'm a masochist. I live for the thrill of finding out if I'm going to be a have the next best seller published or if I am laughed out of the publishing world.

I face these feelings with each and every release. Prior to the date The waves of the above list emotions wash over me. Then for the next few weeks panic drives me onto the computer surfing every review site to learn if the book is a hit or miss. Each of my other books that have been reviewed all received high marks. Should I be conifdent this is going to be the case? Would that confidence appear to be cocky?

Someone please slap me before I go into major melt down.

There's a small voice that says Knock it off! Callye's going to be a rocketing book! You're going to thrill people. Enthrall them with a world of suspense, intrigue, and the world will love the Gateway Guardians team. Maybe the voice is seems to be getting a little louder--ohg wait, that's Becka yelling at me :P HEHEHEHEH

She's also yelling a reminder to join her birthday bash so come on in all week long. You'll find edits and excerpts and prizes galore! So come on down you'll have a guaranteed blast of a time.


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Becka said...

This book is fabulous, you have nothing to fear, woman! It's going to do great and your Gateway Guardians are going to RAWK! If Samhain didn't think so, they wouldn't have contracted them. :)

And Donica is right. It's my birthday bash all week long on my author loop, so come on in and stay for a spell, you might get a giftie!

Hope to see you there!