Friday, October 12, 2007

Doubter's land

I've been published for a little over three years with electronic companies. I have published 15 stories during this time, but I have started many others. On my PC right now, I have 30+ stories still waiting to be finished. One of my stories I have started to submit to agents (since Aug). Since then, I've received six requests, and three rejections. The latest request came from one of my favorite author's agents. Needless to say, I'm very excited about this one, yet scared at the same time. I really want this agent!

So two nights ago, I sit down at my PC, bring up my partial (which is what agent requested), and read through it again. I've only read through this 100 times. hahaha Anyway, I started doubting myself. AUGH! That's NOT good. I started thinking that maybe my first three chapters weren't good enough. There's a lot of sexual tension, there's action, there's the beginning of a mystery...but I doubt myself. Hopefully I can get past this quickly.

Do any of you writers doubt yourself? How about readers? Do you ever doubt the next book that comes out from one of your favorite authors is going to be terrible? Or do you just expect their books to be good?



Taryn Raye said...

I have yet to submit anything to an agent or publisher because of self-doubt. I love my stories, but would anyone else?

I think doubt is part of the human condition. We strive for perfection and always wonder whether what we write is truly worthy of being read. I'm sure your partial is fine!

Chin up!

Ciara Gold said...

Yup, I doubt all the time, but then I think, I'm only on this earth for a short time. Go for it!

Becka said...

Oh yes, I doubt myself. I have read THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE more times than ANY of my fans ever will, no matter how much they like the book. I love the book because it's sentimental for me. But that *spark* is lost. I practically know it all by heart. So I read it, wondering if it's any good or a steaming pile of dreck. LOL

Luckily, people seem to like it, which is wonderful, because I get to that stage of I just can't tell anymore.

And that doubt is also part of what made me turn in my manuscript for NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T* late. Everyone loves book I and book II. What if book III totally sucks?

But if you don't take risks, you won't do a damn thing. :) Which is why, despite my doubts, I'm shooting for Silhouette Desire. We shall see if I ever get there... :)