Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scariest experience you've had

Scared Stiff

Everyone has that moment when fear has struck them. We've examined our lives and found the events that truly terrified us.

1. When my son had pneumonia and spent a week in the hospital. He was 7 at the time.

2. When the undertow tried to carry me out to sea during a high school choir outing.

3. When I had to sing a solo in front of an audience.

4. When I got broad-sided by a van when I was driving the Honda. Luckily no one was hurt


5. I saw a ghost when I was 12/13 years old. I don’t like to talk about it much, but I don’t think I saw a “ghost”, because I’m not sure I believe that souls can be trapped on earth (doesn’t jive with my belief in religiosity) But when I think of what I probably DID see, it freaks me out even more.

6. Playing on a Ouija Board as a youngster and only getting the SAME person every time. I do believe these things “work” and are not your friend pushing the indicator thingy. We decided to test it and ask it silent questions, and every time, it would answer correctly. And it would get PISSED when we asked if it was a demon talking to us. I never played on one ever again.

7. When we went camping one year, my 2 y/o daughter was walking behind my DH, carrying some gear. He turned on the path to our site, but she didn’t see him turn. She kept on walking. He didn’t know she was gone until I asked, “Where’s Hannah?” He and our friend went to go look for her… She ended up at the end of a dock with no life jacket on and had climbed down a precarious bridge to get there. My heart still palpitates at that one.

8. My son was born with a strawberry, a mass of blood vessels on the top of his skull. The doctor warned us any injury to that area could well cause my baby to bleed to death. I was terrified for him every minute of the day. He was about 4 when we were at a friends house. He and his little buddy were running around the house and suddenly I heard a scream. I went running in. My baby had tripped and fallen into the corner of the television set. Blood was everywhere. I panicked, grabbed him up and flew to the hospital. They spent hours watching him. Said that head wounds always bleed a lot (Lord did this one!) He didn’t hit the strawberry, thank God! It eventually grew over and no harm done.

9. I was at work one night and all the time we were there, I kept feeling apprehensive. Something was wrong. I could feel it. As we were locking up there was a car with a couple of men it sitting in front of the store. They weren’t friends of mine or the girl that worked with me. I stood at the front door watching them and had her standing by the phone waiting for my word. They pulled off and I realized they had been waiting for someone at the ATM. Still the bad feeling was bad. My Dh picked me up so we could go to a Christmas party. The closer we got to the friend’s house the worse my feeling got. I knew something bad was going to happen. I made Dh drive extra careful on the long dark winding roads. We made the safe and sound but the bad feeling almost made me throw up. He dragged me downstairs to get a drink and relax. He kept telling me it was nothing. I couldn’t stand the feeling I was so sick with nerves. Then I heard it. My daighter screaming in agony, kids shouting in terror. I bolted up the steps. My daughter had fallen through a glass top coffee table. She was sliced pretty good. I trioed to get to her and the guys kept pushing me away. I was an EMT and I knew what to do but they wouldn’t let me near her because of how freaked out I was. Her cuts were mostly superficial with only a couple of small scars.

10. My friend and I were walking in the woods when we were kids. We kept hearing something moving behind us. We were convinced it was my cousin and one of his friends so we were pretending to be scared. AS we walked out of the tree line, not 50 feet below us was a big brown bear. The horse in the pasture reared up. Lesa and I took off running. I had never jumped clean over a gate before that day. I’ve never done it since.


11. When I thought my daughter and her husband took my grandbaby and traveled several states away. I didn’t think I’d see my daughter and grandbaby again.

12. Getting married!! (heehee)

13. Being high on a mountain and looking straight down…. (I’m afraid of heights)

So, what is your most terrifying moment?

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Sassy Lucy said...

Yikes scary many to recall, but the scariest would have to have been when they told me they were delivering my son at 29.5 weeks gestation. Very frightening...he is 14 years old now though, and he still manages to scare me routinely.

Xakara said...

I think my scariest moment was when the car I was riding in was struck by a car running a red light on my side. There was an instant where I knew if I tensed I'd never walk again after striking the dashboard.

I hit it hard enough that there was paint under my skin across my knees, but nothing was broken and I walked away from it.


Carrie Lofty said...

Probably random stuff about my kids--one fell down the stairs, the other had a nasty cut on the back of her head. I sang on stage one time about about peed I was so nervous. But the worst was when these two dudes were parked in a car outside my house and my husband wasn't home (just me and my newborn!). They stayed there fore almost an hour, smoking cigarettes and talkig on their cell phones. I eventually called the police, who came and ran them off. Still don't know what they were doing there...

Nicholas said...

Some of those are truly terrifying.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Heh. I'm only HOW many days late?? Still, better late than never.

I've had a lot of terrifying moments, sad to say. But one of the worst is when you get that e-mail from a potential agent and you're not sure if it'll be good news or not...

Okay, maybe not the worst. But it still makes my breath catch.