Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Writing Cave

Well, it's not a new topic, but I do think it's fun to visit everyone's writing cave, so I thought I'd spend this Wednesday sharing with you my little spot of heaven.

This past Christmas, my DH revamped our bedroom so I could have a better place to write. He'd special that way. I do love that man. Anyway, we put in new carpet, then turned my desk area around to create a walled-off section of the room. He put a backing board on the desk so it almost looks like a wall.
Next, he built a ton of shelves. I have one shelf that acts as a border along the top of the wall and several other shelves surround my desk. Yep, now all my keeper romances have their own spot.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThis picture shows one shelf above me cave. THere's actually another shelf above that one. All in all, this corner is my favorite spot in the house. Well, it runs neck and neck with our backyard patio, but that's a blog for another day.

Tell me about your cave. I'd love to hear about it.


Heidi said...

It looks great! I don't have a writing cave as such since I write both using long hand and online.

If I'm writing long hand I tend to write anywhere I'm siting.

However if I'm writing online or at least on the computer I have a computer I use placed in a corridor. From where I sit I have a view to the outside garden, where I can watch foxes, cats and all sorts of birds and animals. I love it although more recently I've been writing most of my work on paper and then typing it up so I hardly use the desk now.

My art desk however is another story, it's currently covered in papers paintings and videos and really in need of a clean up!

Donica Covey said...

My cave. I was supposed to be getting a real office but that may never happen now.

So my current cave is in our master suite. We have the bedroom in one half of the room and the computers, file cabinets, bookshelves, printers and all in the other half.

Description...well my desk is one of those large corner types. I have a large double doored cabinet between my desk and the bedroom door.

My chair resembles a throne--honest. I'll have to see if I can dig up a picture.

The desk design has a lower shekf for the keyboard. The monitor sits up above it on the higher shelf. There is a cubby with shelves for CDs and such. The tower for the computer is in its own cubby. THe top shelf of the desk is coated. The computer speakers are on each end. The phone sits on one corner. In the center of the shelf is a large inbox/outbox tray. in fron of it is a smaller divider with room for pens, note pads, envelopes etc. This holds my collection of hand fans gel pens, an M&M heart chaped tin, a stuffed bat and a dmall book of Dr. Suessisms.

I have a giant ceramic unicorn with gold trimmed horn and hooves on the back corner. A papier mache tombstone stands in front of it and hads a pair of antique ceramic puppy planets. My talking yoda, goth chick crystal ball, and dragon with wizard music statue stand to the front.
I have a heavy purple coffe mug with a second stuffed bat peaking out. Then there is a figurine (McDonalds happy meal toy) of Simba. He has a paw raised and in it is a Jack Daniels bottle shaped, jack filled chocolate. I also have two of my M&M collectible candy dispensers up there. Yeah suprised it's still standing! Then the tower has a skull candy dish that talks and his eyes light up. When he talks his mouth moves. Insidethe tray is a mini (hjappy meal toy) Mike from Monster's Inc. So of course they are...wait for it...Mike and skully...badadadum

On the desk to my right is the printer, an M&Ms candy dispenser, a large tin milk pail filled with dried beans and small pebbles that holds pens with silk flowers. Kinda kewl. Looks like a planter. in rings I have tootsie pops stuck in there as well.

there's also a package of wet wipes, a mini candy bowl fileld with butterscotch disks (are we noticing a candy theme here?)A large Jack Daniels rock glass holdnig black and purple pens. A caramel Apple scented candle.

Damn thats alot of stuff!

I have a hanging file folder to my left and the laser printer sits on top of that. I have four tier shelf unit that on the very top is a collection of M&M memorabelia (sp?) including a red M&M clock. And Mr. Jelly Belly dispenser is there too.

Second shelf down is four more M&M collectable candy dispensers and a collection of Little Debbie mini barbies. Third down ceramic music figurines of unbicorns and baby Disney (from when my kids were babies) a ceramic bunny bank, elepohent bank two ceramic carebears and M&M candy dish, a mini M&M dispenser and a bat eraser. A metal mesh basket with a bat hanging from the handle.

bottom shelf hand books for writers. History books, research books, two dragon crystal paper weights, mini orange spice candles and baby boy in bat cosutme and on the end a tombstone that lights up.

I have bats with purple lights strung around the shelve. Mini bats hanging from the shelf supports and black/purple bat garland all strung around the shelf. Hanging on the wall around the shelves are various sized bat hangings, an old stuffed zombie, three key chains from Graceland and a lace angel.

On the wall above my desk is a sign that reads Bat crossing. Another is meatl and has bats hanging from it. Cut out letters read Get Out. Then there is a sign that has a witches hat and broom and it reads The Magic Broom Closet Open to Trade only. Spells postions and supplies.

There there is a small witches calderon basket. A bat mobile and an American eagle mini windchime.

And somewhere under there is all my CDs, research notes, files, and the keyboard.

I'll have to see if I can dig up a photo.

Gotta run! Great topic Ciara!


Becka said...

I'm jealous of your writing cave, Ciara! Mine looks like a grenade went off in there. LOL I share my office with our guest room, so whenever we have company, I get kicked out. Thankfully, I have a laptop now. YAY!

I have a desk that fits into a corner, and on any given day, it's laden with empty Diet Coke cans, bills, homeschool worksheets, random drawings my kids have made me, and just general clutter.

No matter how much I clean it, it always reverts back to its messy ways. So why should I bother? *snort*


Nancy Henderson said...

You have a beautiful office, Ciara. And everyone else's sounds like great places to write. I have a desk armoir that I can fold up to hide the mess. Only I have files on the floor & now I can't shut the door, so it's a real mess. Hmm...I just read too that you're supposed to clean out your office every three months...head hung in shame. On my desk are manuscripts, rejection letters (too many!) a folder with my RT convention information in it, gargoyle statues, pictures of Katie, wonder dog extraordinaire, my 23 lb cat Peach (she's helping me), and a cup full of author pens. What a mess!

Ciara Gold said...

Oh, this was fun hearing about everyone's cave. I'm here in my cave right now, trying to think of how I want a certain scene to go. Grrr. I can visualize it, but the words just ain't doing it justice. Oh well, maybe because it's so late.