Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a collection!

Collectibles in our house that have special meaning

We have a collection of collections to share with you this week.

Ciara’s Answers:
1. Stamp collection that I started after my grandmother died. We found correspondence from the early 1900’s, so collecting the stamps was a way of preserving a small piece of her memory.

2. Spoons – I have a demitasse spoon collection with a few spoons that have special associations like the one that came from my great grandfather’s ice cream parlor in 1930 or the one I made in jewelry class.

3. Antique china doll given to me by my aunt that dates around 1890.

4. My grandmother’s china that I pull out for special holidays.

Marie’s Answers:
5. My husband’s grandfather from Tennessee made a lot of things out of wood. We have several lamp tables and bookshelves that we’ll always treasure.

6. The same grandfather of my husband gave us a few items that he’d kept in great condition before he died. One was a very old radio with an old-fashioned turn table on it. The radio still works!

7. From my husband’s other side of the family, he has a very old lady’s revolver – like you’d see in the old western movies. Cool!

8. Last but not least, we have a really old sled that used to be my husband’s grandfather’s (from his mother’s side). We decorate this every year for Christmas and set it on the front porch.

Donica’s Answers:
I collect everything including dust so trying to narrow this list down is nigh to impossible.

9. My Springer Spaniel things. I have figurines, pictures, calanders, stuffed dogs, salt and pepper shakers, anything I can find that is obviously a Springer I add to my shelves. My "baby", Cochise was a beautiful example of the perfect Springer. I lost him almost a year ago and while I still feel the loss every day I do have my little collection to remind me of him.

10. My porcelain doll collections. I have Indian dolls in the living room (in keeping with my Native American/western theme). In the bedroom I have dolls that are Victorian, Regency, and other ages represented. These are special because my mom and I go to Branson every Veteran’s Day weekend to Christmas shop and I buy the dolls as remembrance of the trips.

11. My Barbie collection. I ADORE Barbie—Not the current aberrations the ones with the original looking faces. I have Bob Mackie, Harley, the holiday ones, Gone with the Wind collection, Little Debbie, to list a few. I am trying to get my hands on the Wizard of Oz series. DH laughed when I insisted on getting the collection insured. When the appraisal was done, he quit laughing.

12. M&M stuff. I have every dispenser that has ever been released. Plus I have clocks, cars, coffee mugs, teapots with the sugar and creamer set…if I had to list everything we’d be here for hours.

13. Cows. My kitchen is full of cows. Cow pots, cookie jars, knickknacks, measuring cups, measuring spoons, towels, cloths, potholders, and trivets. I’m a huge cow freak. I’m not sure why. When we lived in Wisconsin, I got into cows. Right. Dairy cows…actually my cows aren’t just black and white Holsteins. I have Limousin, Angus, Charolais, and Texas longhorns. I have several photos of my grandfather’s cattle in frames on my walls. The herd has begun to spread out into other places of the house. It’s hard keeping them all corralled.

What about you? What kind of collections have taken you in?

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm trying to collect something other than books, but they seem to be winning the race around here... I'd love to collect pens, but man, they get expensive. And I've got a few I love and none of the newer ones are ever able to take their place, it seems.

I'm lame. I know.

Oh, yeah! I collect fictional band members! Does that count?

Ciara Gold said...

ROFL. I like that one. Hmmm, can I collect fictional romance heroes?