Monday, February 25, 2008

Readers speak out

Becka began this conversation on her readers loop and it kind of struck a chord. I know that we authors are always interested in what readers have to say. The discussion? What themes are you sick of? What ones turn you off completely? Some of the responses were secret babies (ugh) children in romance period. So tell us, what themes are you tired of?

I think secret babies have been done to death. I’m also tired of a certain line from a certain publisher where the hero is always wealthy. What I want to see is common every day people juggling romance with jobs, friends, and groceries. Not every one is going to find a man with Bill Gates money and Dwayne Johnson or Matthew Mchottie’s good looks. I don’t want to see a particularly forceful heroine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my heroines to kick ass and take names (if I didn’t I wouldn’t write them.) But I want a heroine who is feminine. She has to be able to handle a gun, support herself on her own two feet, express her views, and get any job done But she also loves it when the hero opens the doors for her, pulls out her chair, gives up his seat, and defends her to the bitter end. Seems almost contradictory doesn’t it?

Conversely, what themes do you love? I am into fantasy—dragons, shifters, magic, elves, etc. I also love suspense. Give me a good shoot out any day of the week. Paranormal romances are awesome. Witches, vampires, werewolves, I love them all.

So lets hear it folks, what do you love/hate in romance today?

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