Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lots of Hair to pull out

Yes, I wrote the same blog for myspace, but .... maybe you'll see why after reading this. There's just not much time this week for anything.

This week has been crazy! Not just your typical, over-the-top crazy, but unreal crazy. It's a good thing I have lots of thick, long hair or I'd be bald by now.

So - it started when I got an e-mail on a short story that is supposed to go to print in June. Turns out it might be released a lot earlier. My wonderful editor only had minor changes. I guess I didn't read the e-mail close enough cuz I didn't see that she'd actually sent those edits in an attachment. Four days later, I get the edits for a book that releases in April and as expected, I have some major rewriting to do. No worried. Me and Pepsi had a good time staying up late. Yep. On Sat, the 26th, I wrote and rewrote until 4:00 AM. Sunday, until 1:30 AM, Monday until 2:30 AM, Tuesday until 1:00 AM, Wednesday until 1:00 AM and I sent that puppy sailing out the door at about 10:00 PM Thursday night. Now keep in mind that I get up each morning at 6:00 AM to get ready for the day job. Ugh.

So, I'm feeling much relieved when she writes back on Friday and wonders what became of the rewrites for Once Jilted. I roll my eyes left, then right and frantically begin searching my trash folder for that e-mail that must have contained those edits. Yup. Found it. So - no rest for the weary.

After my booksigning on Saturday, the 2nd, I came home at 4:00 PM and immediately dove into the edits. At least there weren't many and I was done by 10:00 PM. But - then she found more and I worked on it until late Sunday. (Yes, I did take a break for Superbowl) But I still had to write the forward, an article that introduces the book. Needless to say between those rewrites and the article, I didn't get a lot of sleep Sunday or Monday either.

Tonight? I'm going to bed early. I hope. Alas, I still have to mat 50 pieces of artwork between now and Saturday for a big school contest. Am I nuts or what? Oh wait. Is that before or after the 4 articles I still have to write for a local magazine? Maybe I'm not going to sleep early tonight. Sigh.

But I just got some great news! Once Jilted will either be released in March or April. The publisher is shooting for March but it's a bit close, so it might have to wait until April. Whoop!

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