Thursday, February 07, 2008


Unusual locations where you’ve kissed your honey.

Ciara’s Answers:
1. In the back of the bus on choir trips to contest. And where were those chaperones anyway????
2. At a park, inside one of those large metal tubes in broad daylight. And yes, I was young then and skinny enough to fit in one of those tubes.
3. On the golf course when fourth of July fireworks lit the night sky. The only problem was that the sprinklers went off, dousing us before the kiss could become more.
4. In the middle of a lake on a sailboat. We still kid my son, telling him he was a “sailboat” baby.

Marie’s Answers
5. Hubby and I used to go to an empty church parking lot late at night and make out.
6. When we were dating, we would kiss anywhere, unusual or not, but I remember we went to an amusement park and received lots of dirty looks! Of course, I had like five hickies on my neck…
7. At my husband’s work. This isn’t that unusual, but the guys my hubby works with tease him, so for him to kiss me in front of them is a miracle!

Donica’s Answers:
8. On an ATV in the woods
9. In the commuter lot at the airport
10. On the back of a horse-BDH*
11. At the sale barn-BDH*
12. At the airport watching the planes
13. In a church parking lot
*Before Dear Hubby*

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