Friday, February 22, 2008

Oldie - but still a goodie!

Amazing as it sounds, a review site reviewed one of my old books! Always, My Love was published in December 2005. When review sites started picking up the story back then, it was getting awesome reviews--mostly 5-stars--and one Recommended Read. I was in heaven!

Well, here is another 5-star review, and she also gave it a Recommended Read. I'm back in heaven!!!

5 Blue Ribbons! As a reader, an emotional connection is easily made with Catherine and the conundrum she finds herself in; wanting to marry the man she loves yet committed to an older man. She is funny and smart and passionate. Her circumstances would bring many to their knees but Catherine manages to hold her head up and keep going strong. The genuine fear she has of her father is well portrayed and the emotional crippling came through loud and clear. Nicholas is a charming rascal, a hero of the finest order. Brave and sexy, strong and smart, his devotion to Catherine is apparent from the first meeting. His internal struggle is realistically presented and garnered sympathy from this reader more and more as the story progressed. I laughed and I cried as these two star crossed lovers were thrown one curve after another on the rocky journey to happily ever after. The skillfully woven story kept me enthralled until the dramatic end. The passion sizzles between Catherine and Nicholas, burning up the pages as the pair comes together in a deeply emotional way. I could almost feel the emotion as I read each scene the lovers shared. The secondary cast enhances the story, adding that extra zip that readers wish for in an intense story. Once I started to read I found I could not put the book down. I am honored to recommend ALWAYS MY LOVE by Phyllis
Campbell; this one will remain on my eReader for a very long time.~~Scarlet / Romance Junkies

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