Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hello there!

Hi all! My posts are pretty sparse. I've been keeping busy with writing and family stuff.

I see Marie shared her hero. Um YEAH yummy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moonlight! I do keep images of people in a file for use as chracters. I absolutely adore trace Adkins (who wouldn't!) and I have him as a hero in one of my WIPs. I've also used Rob Morrow (Justice Bernard) and Keifer Southerland (Chase Willet) I use certain actresses as well. Charlize Theron (Callye Ann Simone)Angela Everhart (Brandy Montgomery)just to name a few as the spring board for my characters. Yes they have differences, scars, vocal pitch, eye color, hair styles, but they are base models.

So anyway. Tuesday is usually Becka's day but she's taking a short hiatus. Deadlines and family obligations are keeping her at bay for the time being. I am supposed to blog on Mondays but I've been off kilter as well. Hope to get into the swing of things before long.

So what have I been up to? Working on a new suspense, doing newsletters, reading through manuscripts, writing, self editing and trying desperately to come up with something other than housework to do.

Are you looking forward to Vaentine's Day? I know I am. Not for the candy and flowers bit, but because The Romance Studio will announce the winners of the CAPA awards and I'm up for the inspirational catagory with Do Overs!

I'm getting pretty excited. Although June is a ways off I'm looking forward to my next release. The Tides of Maryna's Love (Elemental Desires series) is slated to be released then. I can't wait!

I'm currently juggling two WIPs. It's very hard to concentrate on one as they alternate who is screaming the loudest in my head at any given time.

WIP 1: Nursery Crimes:
Nursery Rhymes have never been so brutal…

Beulah “Bo” Davis is an FBI Special Investigator who deals with everything from kidnappings to bombings so when she’s called in to help the Lexington Police Department solve a series of murders she doesn’t even bat an eye.

Logan Hunter is a detective trying to catch a killer. One whose victims are the scum of the earth: Pedophiles. Still murder is murder and no matter how little loss to society the victims are Logan has a job to do.

The killer’s calling card is a burnt mug shot left behind and each murder is based on a nursery rhyme. Can Bo and Logan fight their personal prejudice and stop the killer before the next crime?

WIP 2: The Temple Veil
Knights and treasures were once fairy tales--now they're nightmares

Maddie Sinclair’s had dreams and visions of white knights and secret treasures since she was a child. As she’s grown those dreams and visions have gotten more frequent and the pull has become almost physical. She has to follow the path that her mind is setting for her.

Tristan Alderich has known all his life that his duty was to find and protect the Holy Grail. The inner compass that has guided his life is leading him onward. He didn’t know what to expect when he found the grail but it sure wasn’t a five foot three inch woman, with voice like velvet, honey blond hair and eyes as green as the new grass.

Tristan must protect Maddie during her quest but evil waits behind every corner. If he fails, Maddie and humanity will pay the ultimate price.

I have a third one that had been consuming me but the idea it began with isn't the way it's turning out to be. So I'm not going to be able to share this with you, yet.

I get asked how I can write two books at one time. I don't know, LOL last year I wrote 5 books in the span of one year and those were written pretty much simultaneously. It wasn't easy, I still don't know how I did it, but I'm pretty proud of myself! Hopefully this year will be as productive as last.

Okay, need to head off. Storms are passing in and out. If I'm lucky they'll stay out. Then I can work instead of clean, LOL


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