Thursday, January 03, 2008

Writing Goals

Writing Goals

New Year’s Writing Goals (Anything and everything but lose weight)
1. Interview at least 7 folks per issue for the new community Magazine.
2. Rework my Fantasy and start the query process again
3. Do a better job of promoting, so folks know I have great stories to read.
4. Write sequel to A Noble Sacrifice, (Cari’s Story)

Marie’s Answers
1. Write at least 5 pages a day – or one chapter a week.
2. Send out a query to a big publisher at least one a month until contracted.
3. Finish at least three of my stories that have previously been started.
4. Work with critique groups once a week.

Donica’s Answers
1. Write a total of 6 books this year
2. Sell those books
3. Branch out more in the promotions aspects of writing

Becka’s Answers
1. Spend less time on IM and more time working on manuscripts.
2. Send a query to Silhouette Desire and see if I can get my foot in the door at Harlequin.
3. I actually want to do less promo, as I feel I burned out on it in 2007. I was doing so much promo via chats, guest blogging, blogging in general, keeping up on my author loop, networking on sites such as MySpace and FaceBook, that I feel as if my writing really suffered for it. Therefore, I aim to pencil in my promo around my writing, not pencil in my writing around my promo.

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