Thursday, January 10, 2008


What’s your sign

Have you ever seen a sign that you felt was what fit into your life in some way? Here are a list of signs that mavens would five finger discount IF A)They were the fingering type, B)Actually could find them

Ciara Gold:
1. I think everyone wants to find and collect one with their name on it. That’s a given.
2. I’d love to find one that says: Muse Street, that way when my Muse decides to vacation, I’ll know where to find her.
3. Stargate – I love the series, but having a street named after it would be super cool.

4. I’m a big fan of Moonlight, so that would be a great sign!!
5. I always collect anything that has my name – or the names of my two daughters, Chrystal & Heather. Now I can collect something with my grandson’s name, Xavier.
6. Maybe “Marie’s World” would be good since my husband always says I’m always in “my” world.

Donica’s Answers:
7. A sign that says Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates
8. A sign for highway exit 18 A off of interstate 64 that says “Bat Cave” I have Halloween and bat things all over my office AND I’m in a writers group called “The Bat Cave”
9. Beware of Bear
10. There is a highway KY here and right on the junction is a place called The Lubrication Station. I’d love to have that highway sign and the sign from the station.

Becka’s Answers:
11. A sign in San Diego that has a man, woman and child running. It’s a Illegal immigrant warning sign
12. A sign in a place called Fu_ _ing (pronounced fooking?) It has the word and then a slash through it so it’s “No (fooking)”
13. A sign that has a burglar with a car and then an open trunk lid with a dollar sign. The caption reads Hide your Valuables.

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