Friday, January 18, 2008

Dreaming BIG!


We've heard this many times...especially if you're a romance writer. On Karen A Fox's website, she talks about the different publishers and what an author can expect to be paid in advance for our first book. I have three stories that I could get published right away, and two more that I have half-way written. So let's say I could sell five books this year. (remember, I'm dreaming big here!)

If I sold my historical Courting Disaster (still need to figure out another title!) to AVON, I would get an advance of $3,500.

If I sold my historical Spanish Eyes to Harlequin Historicals, I'd get an advance of $5,000.

If I sold my contemporary Down & Dirty to Silhouette Desire, I'd get an advance of $4,000.

If I sold my historical paranormal Night Secrets to TOR, I'd get an advance of $8,000.

And finally, if I geared one of my other stories for Harlequin American, I'd get an advance of $4,000.

NOW...what if I could sell all these books in ONE YEAR (yes, I'm still dreaming big)? I'd get $24,500 just in advances. Yes, that's very sweet, isn't it?

I know writing books isn't supposed to be all about how much money an author can make, but I've been with small presses for four years now, and I really would like to make money from my books since I really haven't so far.

So..will 2008 be my lucky year? We shall find out....


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Becka said...

I've always been interested to know what NY's advances look like, since authors don't talk about them much. It's rare to find a site that actually gives you a breakdown.

This list of yours, Phyllis, will inspire me to hurry up and write that dang Desire hopeful I got rattling around in my brainpan. LOL