Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas Chuckle

Well, I could tell you all about my 5 angel review for Eliza's Copper Penny or the various polls where I have work you can vote for, but ... I'd rather tell you a story, cuz I'm in a story-telling mood.

My daughter is quite the character and doesn't like change. Our usual Christmas tradition involves going to Christmas Eve services, opening gifts on Christmas Eve, opening stockings the following morning followed by Christmast brunch, then Christmas Turkey dinner late afternoon. This year, plans changed for one reason or another, but mainly because my daughter had to work Christmas Eve. She was very upset that we weren't opening gifts that night, that instead we were opening them Christmas morning. "But Mom, let's at least open our stockings." I hadn't even gotten their stockings ready. "Really Mom, I'll ask Santa. I'm sure he'll say it's okay." I just frowned at her. She left only to come back a little later. "Let's call Santa. What's his number?" Mind you, this is my sixteen-year-old. I'm like, no, let's just be patient and wait until tomorrow.

She sulked off, but came into the kitchen later and started to beg again. "I really think we should call Santa. He'll tell you it's fine to give us our stockings early."
Me? I'm frowning, but she has me at the breaking point. "Fine. Call him."

Her eyes light up. "Really? What the number?"

I arch a brow and give her one of "those" looks. "I don't know. Try 1-800-Northpole."

She dials. Her eyes widen. "Mom! Some lady answered and said, 'Hello, sexy man, what's your pleasure tonight."

My mouth gaped. "Hang up. Hang up, quick." Lord only knows how much that call is going to cost me. Of course, no one expected that to be a live number. I still don't know if she was pulling my leg or a real person answered the phone. I do know Santa left the stockings that night.

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