Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The polls are up! Everyone gets very excited this time of year because there are so many review sites and other sites who offer awards to their favorite authors/books. I'm no different. I get a real rush when I see that someone has nominated one of my books for something. Imediately afterwards, there's a feeding frenzy while authors let their readers know. Yep, it's time to vote.

I'm no different. Some awards require reader input. Votes. And the campaigning begins. LOL. Well, I won't campaign. Like everyone else, I believe I've written a dang good story, but at the same time, I want honest votes. So - here's my campaign. I don't care who you vote for, but just vote. The more readers who vote, the more valid the results.

Below are a list of links where you can peruse the nominations and cast your vote.

Ciara Gold

Long and Short Reviews and no, I'm not on this one as I didn't submit anything for them to review.

Love Romances Cafe and again, I'm not up for anything at this site but you'll see some familiar names. Just click on the poll section once you visit the loop.

Eliza's Copper PennyBut now, I am up at Editors and Preditors along with a lot of familiar names and faces. You can find A Noble Sacrifice under the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels and Eliza's Copper Penny is under Book/e-book cover artwork. I love this cover. It's very striking.

Last year, Sarah's Brass Token was nominated for a CAPA. Wow. But this year, The Romance Studio didn't review one of my books. Bummer. But that's okay. I'm still estatic with the Eppie nomination for A Noble Sacrifice.

So regardless of your favorites, just go out and VOTE!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year.


anne said...

Best of luck and wishing you success and happiness in 2008. The cover is striking and beautiful.

ruth said...

Will vote. Best wishes.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks bunches, ladies. There are so many deserving books out there, it was hard to make a decision on some of those polls.