Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yep, gotta love epiphanies, especially at my age. LOL. So - my debut book was Celestial Dragon, a sci-fi futuristic romance. It wasn't the first book I'd written though. Prior to writing this one, I'd written two and half historical westerns, one and a half time travels and started a fantasy. You might call them my learning books.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sarah's Brass Token was my first completed romance since writing the "under-the-bed" book over twenty years ago. When I started the project, I realized I had three major stories happening in one, so I separated those plots to create three separate tales. In essence, I wrote SBT, Julia's Golden Eagle and Eliza's Copper Penny simultaneously, though I only wrote half of ECP before starting work on Celestial Dragon. While I queried CD, I finished ECP and started two more projects. Once I landed a contract for CD, I immediately queried my new editor about the three historical westerns, thus landing me three more contracts.

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From the time I was accepted, to the launch of CD, I had a year and a half to start promoting the book and writing a sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed creating A Noble Sacrifice, but since it's launch in April '07, I haven't had time to work on any more paranormal, sci-fi type stories and I miss the creative freedom of that genre. I'm currently working on Once Jilted, another historical western and though this manuscript has been a blast, I'm feeling the constraints of historical accuracy and verbiage. I'm ready to write another sci-fi.
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My epiphany? I've decided that Once Jilted will be my last historical western for a time. As soon as I finish, and I'm close, I plan to devote my energies to paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi related genres. I made this epiphany when writing an article about science fiction for a new magazine that will come out in March. (more on this later - grin)


ruth said...

I adore Historical Westerns and feel that this genre is so appealing and unique. Your books look extremely fascinating and enticing. Good luck in your newest creations and you are fortunate to have the talent to write in various genres.

Becka said...

I had a similar epiphany, Ciara, a while back about historicals in general. I love to write them, but was stalling on England, whether in Regency and/or Medievals.

I have one high seas historical I'm in the middle of, but I think most of my historicals will be Westerns from here on out.

~~Becka :)

Donica Covey said...

I'm not sure I want to be restricted to just one genre but my semipiohany...yeah non word, ah well :D...I did learn that my strength is suspense. Dark suspense.

Paranormal comedies are great and I do try my hand at them. They're a ton of fun. But I've come to see that my true calling in dark romantic suspense.