Thursday, September 06, 2007

T13 Reckless?

Daring? Adventurous? Us?

Many of us have done things in our lives that can be considered reckless, wild, maybe even a touch dangerous—not that *I* have done anything wild mind you. Nope not the least little bit. I decided to prove that point by putting my list first this week~~Donica


1. I was riding my horse and I decided to try some of the stunts I’d seen in the movies. I stood up on the saddle and tried to immitate that ride. My mare had a soft mouth and I jerked the reins when I was just getting in position. Because I’d pulled the reins slight she thought I meant stop…she did I didn’t.

2. I raced my motorcycle against this boy I was mad at (he liked my cousin more than he liked me) So I called him a candy a$$ and challenged him to a race. I left him in the dirt, was doing great until I came up on a hairpin turn. Gravel got up in my handle somehow and I couldn’t turn so I dropped it to the side and skidded across the gravel road, from one side clear to other and I kept sliding until I hit a tree with my head. Did I mention I was wearing cut offs a tank, and no helmet?

3. At a friend’s graduation party I discovered a fabulous combination of Zima (Do they even make that anymore?) and watermelon schnapps. I was standing on the garage roof laughing with my friends and a limo pulled up. As the kids got out I was shouting about drinks being on the house. The roof had that normal roof pitch, you know the ^ type? Well I was balancing on this and dancing and all. Someone said something I laughed and was shouting at the next group of kids. I jumped up and when I landed I found a soft spot. My left leg went through the roof, my right didn’t. I didn’t feel the pain until the next day and let me tell you it was BAD. I had bruises; scrapes and raw spots all up my thigh.

4. Some friends and I were hanging out. There were so many of us that it took two cars. We had coolers of soda, snacks and that sort of thing. We had the sodas in one car and my best friend was in the other. So we pulled up along side by side and I passed her a can while we drove down the highway. We’ve also done this whikle driving backward. (Mom, if you’re reading, don’t freak okay?!)

5. I had this really great friend when I was a kid. She was a year younger than I. I taught her to ride motorcycles and horses. She tried to teach me to drive stick—not good. Anyway. I wasn’t really able to swim so she was teasing me about being older and not being able to swim out like she did. I got gutsy. I had figured out that if I happened to sink a little I could push off rocks, ot stumps or logs in the water. I could see the bottom so I wasn’t worried. I swam out and was having a grand time. I sank, oushed up. Sank. Pushed up. Sank…


6. I tried to ride a bike with one hand through gravel. Not the smartest of ideas. Long story short, I fell, and broke my wrist in three places.

7. I got my ankle tangled in the seatbelt in the rear of my aunt’s car. Fell out backwards into the parking lot, and I know damn well I cracked my tailbone. I couldn’t sit in one position for about 9 months afterward.

8. I went hiking up King’s Canyon in Nevada with my boyfriend (soon to be DH) and fell on the mountain. You guessed it, I broke my ankle. Nothing funnier than two boys trying to carry an overweight girl down the side of a mountain.

9. When walking to my van in the morning to grab the diaper bag I’d left in there the night before, I slipped on the dewey grass and landed on my knee, sliding down the incline of my front yard a few feet. My knee was on fire, but I found out after the fact that I’d broken my big toe. See a trend here?? LOL

10. Hmm, do I have to include the fender bender I had yesterday? Yep, I hit a car that was sitting at a stop sign because I thought she was going to go. My bad.

11. I was in the art room unpacking supplies and pulled out a sheet of bubble wrap. Of course, popping the bubbles is an addictive sport. Well, genius that I am, I think, what will happen if I jump on the bubble wrap? Well, I’m alive to tell you that it was not a smart idea. I jumped, the plastic slid out, taking my feet with it and I landed flat on my back in front of students. Alas, it took a while to live that one down.

12. In high school, CB radios were the craze and we use them to meet boys. Yes, we were smart enough to pick public places, but I can remember a few scary incidents.

13. Also in high school, we enjoyed off-campus lunch, but it wasn’t a long lunch, so speeding was a must. There was a specific curve and each day, my girl friend and I would add 5 more miles per hour to see how fast we could take it. On the day it was my turn, I took that curve doing 50 and ended up on two wheels. Needless to say, we slowed it down after that.

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Denise Patrick said...

I've done some crazy things in my lifetime, but none really match yours (at least none that I can think of). The one time I ever broke a bone (my big toe) it was a pretty tame accident.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You guys were some WILD children! Think it's related to what you do now?? (I do; it takes guts to be a writer)

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

WILD MAVENS! Great list. I wasn't nearly as reckless (fun) as a kid. :-)

GLENNA said...

When I was about 8 or 9 we lived in the country on top of this hill. Our neighbors who lived at the bottom of the hill had two sons that would come to the top of the hill and ride their bikes down. Well I thought it looked like fun and decided to try it. What I didn't know was they had brakes and I didn't. LOL I tore my knees all up on that one. Another time me, my mom, dad and sister were on an escalator and my sister lost her shoe. I said I'll get it. Sat down to get it and yeap you guessed it. The steps closed up and got my poor little butt cheeks caught up in them. Dad grabbed me and jerked me lose. I had bruises and a few littles hunks taken out of me. Lucky that it wasnt worse than that.

Nap Warden said...

Why can't I think of anything??? I must have been reckless once, right??? Great list!