Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Solar Eclipse

Did you know that we had a solar eclipse today? Of course, you had to live in South America, Antarctica or the South Atlantic to see it, but still . . . .

In my quest to be a better blogger, I posted my doubts and frustrations on my spot at the Coffeetime Forum. I had some wonderful folks post comments and I visited some fun blogs. For those of you curious as to my journey into the world of blogging, here are the sites I went to:

The last one led me to the solar eclipse discovery. Gincat had posted about astrology and moon signs. Wow, it's been a long time since I did any astrological research, but the subject always fascinates me. I even use astrology to help mold my characters. I used to have a great CD that would generate a basic chart for each of my characters. All I had to do was give my character a birthday. It was a great way to give my characters the very basics of their personalities.

Okay, so I got off track. Back to the solar eclipse. In my search for another copy of this CD since it no longer works, I stumbled across this site:
Basically, the solar eclipse will have a major impact on my life because I'm a Pisces. I dunno, maybe it was the power of suggestion, but oh my goodness, I felt very rejuvinated tonight. I critiqued a chapter for one of my crit partners, I finished writing a chapter for one of my new stories and I answered tons of e-mail. It's 12:29 AM and I'm still going. Tonight I'm an everready. I just keep on ticking.

Check out this map of the eclipse. So - how will the eclipse affect you? Check out to find out. And while your cruising the internet, be sure to stop in and post a comment or two to the above mentioned bloggers.

It's all good!


Taryn Raye said...

Wow, wish we could've seen the solar eclipse here! What a shame.

Isn't it interesting what you find about the net? I used to do my own charts for myself with a book I have, but it's a very vague book that isn't professional and with some of the planets it's a guessing game.

It would say something like- read the planetary placement for your sign or the date closest to your birthdate, as well as the one before or after and pick the one that sounds most like you.

Unfortunately, most of them sounded a lot like me so I could never really decide! LOL

I'm an Aquarius, which I've always heard is one of the toughest signs to figure out because we have character traits similar to quite a few of the other signs.

Glad you got "pumped up" and got so much done. Nothing matches that sense of accomplishment!

Thanks for the mention too and I hope you have another great day!

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks for stopping by Taryn. I've got a library full of astrology books, but it's been a while since I've tried to use them to figure myself out. I mainly use them for figuring out my characters. But they are fun to read. Another fun site is one on numerology. I'll have to look up the url and post that next Wednesday.

Jacob said...

what is a solar eclipse?