Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday...wish it was Friday

I spent a wonderful weekend in Memphis with my mom and dad at my brother's house. His family is so great. We went down for one of the most adorable nephews in the world's birthday. He is one of the two cutest, sweetests, squoosiest boys alive. He is one of my favorite nephews. His brother is 16 months old. That one is my other favorite nephew. anyway, number one nephew turned 4 this past Friday so we went down to celebrate with him. Had a BLAST!

I cut his cake and I got icing on my finger. He grabbed my hand and sucked the frosting off it. He had a blue ring around his lips and was just absolitely adprable. I love those kids.

Anyway I get home yesterday completely exhausted and ready to drop. Who knew four year olds could be so tiring? Yes I have kids but they havent been four in a LOOONGG time. I'm completely wiped and I force myself to stay off the computer until today. Guess what I found?!?!?!?!?! The galley's for Callye's Justice!!!! WAHOOOO WAHOOOO

So what does this mean? It means I have to read the PDF copy and make sure there are no smoootzes. I'm sure it's perfect. How could it help but be? LOL

I've got a lot of reading to get done. I was listing everything that I HAD to do this week, specifically today. (I'm ready to scream) I have to read the galleys, I have to do my Donica newsletter, I have to do the Mavens Newsletter template so the ladies can add their news, I've got to do my personal blog...Gee looking at it listed, it doesn't look like a lot does it? I mean Callye is only 165 pages. Then my personal newsletter is only 5 pages typed and edited. The Mavens all do their own thing so all I have to do is final edit and make sure all graphics are correct. What am I whining about???

Ask me tomorrow when I may actually be able to see straight. Today is just one long fuzz.

Now, back into Callye's Justice reading. See you all soon!


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Becka said...

I feel your pain. I finished first-round edits on Jareth's story, finally FINISHED writing NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T* (yay!), and now, I gotta read thru JEWEL's print galley and write my "ONCE A DREAMER" novel in Champagne's new Orphan Train series, not to mention "TOMB", my vampire novella with Cobblestone.

Somewhere in there will be second-round edits on Jareth, and first-round edits on BEAST... ACK!

Is my hair gray yet? *sob*