Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Exciting Month!

Dante’s Duty was chosen for the Editor’s Pick of this week over at my publisher’s website, www.bygracepublishing.com and I’m thrilled with it!

Also I reached a very difficult decision this past week, a decision that took a great deal of thought and finally have decided to cancel the release of my historical, Always Love. I love the characters and the basic story idea, but it isn’t right. To release a book that I don’t feel one hundred percent confident in, or have faith in would be letting everyone, not just myself but my readers, down. So I pulled it from the line up. Maybe one day will see Jacob and Moira out and sharing their life story, but this isn’t the right time.

I do still plan to keep the witches in the line up and the first release will come in October! I can’t believe how quickly that time is coming! I’ve also sent a short story, my first inspirational, to my publisher in hopes that it will be picked up for the short and sweet line. Who knows maybe it could even be included in an anthology? Keep your fingers crossed!

Becka and Marie have some great news; Becka’s book On Eagle’s Wings will be coming out in paperback format in the near future! This means that you can go to your local bookstore and pick it up! Also Marie’s book “Ten Ways to Melt a Man’s Heart” will be headed to a bookstore near you as well! Congrats ladies! That is so GREAT!!!! When the dates are verified we’ll pass the information on to you.

And today we see the release of Jami’s book “Celestial Dragon”, YEAH!!!!! We need to have a cyber party for her! So wine, Champagne and other assorted drinks as well as snacks are here for everyone! CHEERS JAMI!!!!


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Ciara Gold said...

Big time congrats on being the publisher's pick. Wow, I'm envious, but in a good way. You go, girl!

And thanks for supporting my first book. This is like reaching the top of the highest rollercoaster loop, pausing and then soaring to unknown depths. Whew, what a ride this will be.