Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wild and Crazy

Yes. That's me. Wild and crazy. Why you may ask? Even if you didn't here is my answer.

In the last two weeks count that up, 14 days, okay minus weekends is 10. Minus Fridays, is 9. SO 9 days...I've completed and submitted my manuscript for my second Gateway Guardians series, Betraying Chase, to my editor.

I've sold The Tides of Maryna's Love, one of my Elemental Desires series books, to Champagne Books. I've completed all the required forms for Maryna including marketing form, cover art suggestions, blurb and tag line.

I completed the novel Dragon's Angel, polished, write the long synopsis, wrote the short synopsis, wrote the blurb and sent it all to the editor at Champagne Books.

Now all I've got left to do is taglines for Chase and Dragon's Angel. What? Did you ask what a tag line was? You did? Cool. A tag line is the one line that hooks you into the book. Its found on the back cover of the book and on the websites.

Take for example my tagline for Maryna: One Water Witch, one Marine Biologist—will it be a cruise on the Love Boat or the Titanic?

Or the tag for Callye's Justice:
They shattered his world by kidnapping his fiancĂ©e—paybacks are a bitch.

Now to come up with tag lines for Dragon's Angel and Chase. Any suggestions? to learn about these books go to my website and check out the videos. Or you can visit my YouTube channel

Any suggestions for possible tag lines would be appreciated. Drop them into the comment section here. I'll be checking for them. Hope to hear from you soon!


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