Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Queen Of Hearts is now at Fictionwise!

Hey all. Some great news! My historical western, that is due to be released May 30th in print, is now at Fictionwise!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!

Can a woman battle through secrets to win the love of the man who just might take away her home?

Dr. Cecilia Ashby is forced to disguise herself as a man in order to practice medicine in a small southern town after the Civil War. When she stumbles across an injured gambler in an alley one night, will her ruse get the better of them both? Especially when she finds herself attracted to him.

Gambler, James Lawrence has played his last hand and finally has enough cash to buy back his family plantation the carpetbaggers had taken from him…until he’s blindsided, robbed and left for dead. After an interesting stay with the town doctor, he finds his stolen earnings in the hands of the young thief and his sister, Cecilia Ashby, who now reside in his plantation.

James and Cecilia both want the plantation, but do they want a long lasting love even more? Battling deceit, betrayal, and disguises, the two must confront their biggest challenge yet – themselves.

Also...my very first review for this story has come through. THANK YOU COFFEE TIME ROMANCE!!

5-Cups!!! Queen of Hearts is a mesmerizing read and captivated me as soon as Cecilia entered the picture. I absolutely loved the theme of this book. The story had me on the edge of my seat until all the loose ends were tied up. Phyllis Campbell encapsulates the sensations of her characters, and the soothing chemistry she creates between James and Cecilia, is like slow moving lava, it really simmers. James certainly showed that chivalry is not dead and exhibits a true gentleman in all areas. This extraordinary book reads like a vintage wine, excellent. ~~Cherokee / Coffee Time Romance


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Jolie Mathis said...

Congrats on the GREAT review!! This is an awesome story!!